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Marketing Budgets Lagging as Marketers’ Confidence Increases

By piranha

27th April 2012

Despite the latest news that the UK has fallen into a double-dip recession, a recent survey has revealed that the confidence of marketers in their own company’s prospects has reached a two year high.

The study questioned 300 senior marketers and almost 40% of those polled said that they were more optimistic about their company’s prospects than they had been towards the end of 2011. This almost doubled the amount that felt more pessimistic than they had last year.

This uplift in optimism has unfortunately not been reflected in the marketing budgets available, with an unexceptional increase seen in the first quarter of 2012. Despite a net increase in the budgets set for 2012 against the money actually spent in 2011, it is the smallest increase in the last three years. Leading economists say marketers remained ‘cautious’.

Paul Airey, Account Director for Piranha Advertising and Marketing Solutions in Preston, Lancashire said “In times of recession, research shows that it is the company’s that invest in their marketing that will prosper and grow when the economy recovers”

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