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Many Companies are asking: “Is SEO still relevant?”

By piranha

8th April 2014

The answer for any business whether new or established is “Yes”. Although the landscape has shifted it has mostly been to the benefit of creative SEO specialists who practice White Hat SEO who favour a long term strategy for long term security. Google has taken an aggressive approach against Black Hat link building tactics such as link spamming, poor content and bad designs which provide quick results, yet ultimately lose out by incurring penalties once they are registered in Google’s index. This is fair as poor work shouldn’t be rewarded in any industry. There are plenty of examples of websites being penalised by Google and have lost rankings for these very tactics which can be found in this article:

In fact there are more components to SEO from link building, regular onsite updates to content production, creating and updating websites for mobile technology and Social Media Marketing (now an integral part of SEO). It’s important for SEO companies to utilise these tools to manage a balanced campaign to gain strong links through excellent content and brand awareness.

The core of SEO:

Recent developments mean that now SEO is made of three core components: links, content and Social Media. A good article must be targeted at the specific demographic who relate to the product with content that is highly engaging so that people would click through on the link or share it on their own Social Media Pages for others to view. Social Media is fantastic for attracting interest in a website and its related articles which signals the search engine that People find your content engaging. Of course links from high quality sites e.g. .edu or .org sites are valued as they represent recognised institutions which the search engine registers as a trusted source of information.


In 2013 the major push that SEO specialists were directed towards by the search engines was top quality content, both onsite and offsite which isn’t duplicated anywhere else on the web.  Blog Outreach became more important, people now need to communicate with each other to sell or share article, making it harder yet more rewarding when they do get published.

It has become more and more important that onsite content is written to a high, user friendly, standard and is updated regularly to keep up with the products and the market. Google also wants to see that the site has active administrators who update the information to make ensure its relevance and that the website is a key asset to the company, not just something they don’t really care about and expect to make them money, they want you to work for it.

Social Media:

Search engines have begun registering Social Media activity to determine a company’s brand awareness as the social platform is the strongest indication of how many people are interested in the product. It has become standard practice within the industry to create social media pages and to share links from their own website as well as other sites that are relevant to their industry. This online, yet human, interaction is ultimately what we are hoping to achieve in terms of interaction with the website and product sales.

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