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LinkedIn – Is Simpler Always Better?

By piranha

13th January 2017

Now that it’s the new year, we’re seeing many large companies looking to spruce up their user-end appearance. The latest to join this list is the professional’s social network, LinkedIn.

If you’re a regular user of the site, you might have noticed big changes in the overall appearance of the site in recent weeks. Although not everyone has been affected yet, it looks as though LinkedIn are rolling out their latest facelift to all users sooner or later.

What’s the Big Deal?

You would’ve been forgiven for expecting some major changes after Microsoft completed their acquisition of LinkedIn last year. However, Bill Gates & Co. have so far avoided major changes to the social media platform.

Acquiring LinkedIn was a big deal indeed, with members already numbering 467 million in the third quarter of 2016!

Although changes have been minor over the last 6 months, a major user interface update is now hitting our shores following its release in the U.S. However, news sources across the pond don’t seem too impressed with the results.

U.S. News’ Arnie Fertig has pointed out that the changes have been made ‘with an eye toward simplification in more ways than one,’ but is simpler always the best way to go?

Make your own mind up after we’ve seen the changes LinkedIn’s huge user base is faced with.

How Has LinkedIn’s UI Changed?

  • Your profile is now harder to edit – where the old interface had your profile anchored to the top-left of your screen, an extra click is now required through a ‘me’ icon on the new megamenu.
  • It’s now harder to read – LinkedIn’s new update defaults all snippets to collapsed, meaning another click is required to open each section of text.
  • Companies and agencies will struggle – it used to be easy to switch views to different companies etc. But now extra steps and menus make it more difficult.
  • There isn’t enough help available – LinkedIn usually provide good materials under ‘help’ sections, but there’s simply not enough material there now to address these issues.

There aren’t a lot of positives in these changes, at least from our point of view. However, the slimmed-down appearance and removal of homepage clutter may well appeal to some users.

It’s now also (arguably) easier to distinguish ads from other content, perhaps making marketing techniques more transparent and aiding a positive user experience.

What do you think?

Has your LinkedIn profile changed yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts on these new updates. Maybe you like them more than we do!

If you’re struggling to get around the new business user interface or would like to get your company onto LinkedIn and other social media platforms, we can help.

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