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By piranha

27th January 2014

A well-executed SEO campaign, involving the use of techniques such as directory listings, off-site blogs and social media can significantly improve the amount of relevant traffic that your website attracts.

However, there is only so much SEO can do for you, if your site isn’t set-up to make the best of the traffic that you’re receiving. The first impression that a user gets, when accessing your site, is incredibly important. The key web-pages that you want your users to find in the search engine results need to deliver results. The industry term relating to such pages is “landing page”. You may have heard this term thrown around, without having a full understanding of what a landing page is, or how they can be utilised. With that in mind, here’s a quick guide to this important conversion optimisation technique.


A landing page is the page on your site that people access via a search engine. This page is often focussed around a key product or range and will usually give the visitor the option to take an action. This action could either be to part with cash or to submit their personal details, as a response to some form of unique sales proposition.

Generally speaking, there are three key kinds of landing pages:
– Lead Capture Pages – These pages will prompt a user to input their name, email address and other details. After doing so, they may receive some sort of offer or product. Examples might include a PDF eBook or a unique voucher code.
– Infomercial Page – These pages are generally more long-winded in nature than the average webpage. They will be packed with technical information on a particular product and can be very useful in heavy industries and field such as electronics.
– Homepage – Whereas some websites utilise their homepage as the equivalent of a book cover. It often pays to consider it a landing page. Optimising your homepage for your business’s main keywords and having a clear call-to-action, such as “REQUEST A CALL BACK” in a prominent position, above-the-fold can return great dividends.

Re-organising your website and building a marketing campaign around a set of key landing pages is a tried and testing route to e-commerce success. If you’d like to find out more about how Piranha Solutions can help you to implement this strategy, contact us today.

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