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Instagram to Get Rid of Photo Maps

By piranha

9th September 2016

Just last week, Instagram added a feature which allows you to pinch and zoom into photos on the platform and it seems that they are now making even more changes.

Mashable, which is a popular tech news website, has said that the company now plans to remove maps from the social media site. Before now, users could add a location to posts which would let their followers know exactly where the picture was taken.

Instagram has started to remove this feature already and many are no longer able to see the map with other people’s photo locations.

However, you may still be able to view your own photo map by heading over to your profile page and tapping the map pin, but it is expected that this will disappear in the next couple of weeks.

Instagram said in a statement; “Photo Map was not widely used, so we’ve decided to remove the feature and focus on other priorities.”

They continued to say that locations will still be accessible as “you’ll still be able to click on a location tag in an individual post and see other photos from that location as well as a small map.”

Many people are shocked by the company’s latest move as when the app first started it, it was simply used as a location-based check-in app.

But it looks like Facebook-owned Instagram want to spend more time focusing on the content and usability side of the platform. They recently released the Stories feature, which allows users to share multiple photos and videos with their followers, rather than just one at a time.

Do you think that removing maps is a good or bad thing? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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