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Google’s Piracy Stance highlights legal sites, £1 at a time

By piranha

23rd October 2014

Google has announced changes to its search engine in an attempt to curb on-line piracy.

The search giant has been the centre of a piracy-controversy for some time due to their listings displaying quick and easy means of downloading pirated material.

The on-going dispute has seen those within the entertainment industry argue that any sites which display illegal content should essentially be demoted from their position on Google.

This stance would be designed to make it harder for people to find and download illegal pirated material.

Measures have recently been introduced by the search giant which will see their search results display legal sites such as Spotify and Google Play in a more prominent place on the page.

Any legal services will now be displayed in a box at the top of Google’s search results page.

Importantly, these new legal results will require organisations to be part of Google’s ‘AdWords’ service and pay to have their results placed in these boxes.

The BPI, who have made 43.3 million requests to Google for the removal of these illegal pirating sites said that whilst it was “broadly pleased” with the recent changes by Google, the changes should not require any form of payment.

A spokesman for BPI went on to say that “There should be no cost when it comes to serving consumers with results for legal services.”

Google has so far removed 222 million results from its search results for a variety of copyright infringements and will continue to remove any further offending results, whilst improving its stance against piracy.

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