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Google’s ‘Fred’ Update

By piranha

16th March 2017

It looks like a new update from Google – officially unconfirmed – has been affecting search rankings considerably over the last week.

Black Hat Backlinks Take a Hit

The rankings update, jokingly dubbed ‘Fred’ by Google’s Gary Illyes (@methode), appears to be harming sites with spammy links and those participating in black-hat backlinking techniques. ‘Fred’ comes from the name of Illyes’ pet fish.

If you are investing in ethical backlinking, it doesn’t seem like you will have anything to worry about.

This is far from the first time that Google has targeted low-quality backlinks. The search giant releases so many updates, it seldom announces or names them in an official capacity.

As Moz point out, ‘Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times’ over any given year. It would be unreasonable to expect a large announcement after every change. No wonder that when he was pressed on the update, Illyes suggested we name updates after something as arbitrary as his pet fish!

An Industry in Flux

Webmasters around the world are seeing fluctuations in their site rankings. As SearchEngineLand’s Barry Schwartz (@rustybrick) points out in his recent article, ‘with webmasters complaining about ranking declines and rejoicing about ranking increases, it’s likely that there was a Google update.’

This, along with search ranking data from various sources, is all the current evidence that a significant update has occurred.

However, we don’t need an official Google announcement to know it frowns upon black hat backlink techniques. It can come as no surprise that webmasters who are using them are seeing falling rankings; this is to be expected as search algorithms become more sophisticated.

Legitimate Backlinking from Piranha

Backlinks are an important part of SEO. When implemented correctly, they can help to boost domain authority and help search engines to identify high-quality sites. Backlinks are only one way through which we can help your rankings to improve.

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Google’s latest update may be named after a fish, but there’s only one fish that can get you quality backlinks: Piranha!

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