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Google unveils domain name registration service

By piranha

27th June 2014

Google has recently unveiled plans to launch their own domain registration service (DNS), which will allow customers to search, find, transfer and purchase domain names.

Businesses are continuing to expand into the on-line marketplace and this move from Google offers another option for registration. This new service gives greater choice for those looking to register new websites and follows on from the move last year by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) who introduced around 1,400 generic top level domains.

Although the service is only currently in the testing stages and is ‘invite only’, it will allow a small number of people to buy and transfer domains through the service and give feedback on the whole experience. The emphasis from Google at the moment is on the fact that Google Domains is in beta and that they will be honing the user experience and services available.

Other efforts from Google to encourage businesses to go on-line have been successful, such as the “Get Your Business On line” incentive across the US a few years ago and the recent unification of various Google pages into Google My Business.

With services comparable to other DNS providers on-line, the final product will undoubtedly function as well as its competitors and the extra competition will surely drive down prices. With Google being in the news seemingly every day, many are wondering if you would want them to handle your site and information.

With Google seemingly taking over more aspects of day to day life, giving even more information to them may seem like the wrong way to go, but are there any implications to using Google’s services to increase ranking positions for your search terms?

The huge infrastructure of other Google products is being put forward as another perk, promising quick, reliable links between other Google domains and websites. This could create a skewed view of page speeds across websites, which is becoming more of a factor when ranking websites in Google search results.

So……….will using Google Domains help a business get higher rankings and more traffic? Only time will tell, but it should definitely be watched closely.

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