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Google to Stop Explicit Content on Blogger

By piranha

26th February 2015

Google has announced that it will be restricting sexually explicit content on its ‘Blogger’ site. This warning has been emailed to users of the platform.

From March 23rd 2015, users will no longer be able to share pornographic images and videos publically.

Instead these particular blogs will be set to private. This means that only the author, admins and blog’s followers will be able to see them.

At the moment, users are required to tag videos and images with nudity as “adult” material. This brings up a warning for users before they view the content.

The site will make exceptions for any content which “offers a substantial public benefit, for example in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts.”  Google will have the final say on the content deemed suitable, which may cause problems for users if they don’t agree!

The multibillion dollar company is following in the footsteps of video sharing service, Vine. Back in March 2014, they prohibited users from sharing graphic content on the site.

It is unclear why Google has made the decision to change its regulations. They may be trying to protect users from “revenge porn” or perhaps don’t want them to profit from explicit content on their website.

They are advising users who already have this type of content on their profile to act before the changes come into action in March. Users can remove the content or mark the blogs to private themselves.

Blogs which are set up after this date could be taken down if they do not comply with the new rules.

There has been a mixed response to Google’s latest announcement. Some feel that these steps are unnecessary and prevent the freedom of speech while others welcome the increase in censorship on the internet.

With so many blogging platforms out there, these changes could make or break the success of Google Blogger!

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