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Google Tests Auto-Play Videos in Search

By piranha

31st July 2017

It looks as though Google is testing auto-play videos in its SERPs.

Users in North America have experienced videos loading and auto-playing on the right-hand column of search results. They’ve been particularly noticeable on movie-related searches.

Although the Piranha team has been unable to replicate this in Google’s UK desktop search engine, auto-play videos have been spotted in the US and Canada. Updates of this kind usually roll out across the UK and Europe within a couple of weeks of North American testing.

The SEM Post’s Jennifer Slegg posted this week when she first encountered the test. She pointed out that many internet users are not fans of auto-play videos in general.

This might spell bad news for those searchers. However, Slegg also noted that the videos ‘seem to play with the sounds turned off automatically’ – this is positive for video nay-sayers since Facebook was recently criticised for its videos playing sound by default.

There have been differing responses from tech giants to the use of auto-play technology in recent years. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been an advocate for its use whilst Apple’s software Chief Craig Federighi has actively pushed Safari away from it.

BBC News has pointed out it’s ‘as yet unclear whether Apple’s [auto-play] blocking facility would apply to Google’. In fact, because Google is only recently testing auto-play videos in its SERPs, the extent and finer workings of the development are somewhat up in the air.

What do you think about auto-play videos? Do they provide a more dynamic online experience, or are they simply annoying?

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