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Google+ to Shut Down

By piranha

6th February 2019

Google has confirmed its decision to shut down its struggling social network, Google+.

The search engine first announced the move back in December 2018, citing among its reasons “low usage and challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations.”

Google+ is now due to shut down for consumers on 2nd April 2019.

A Brief History of Google Plus

Google+ was launched way back in 2011 and is Google’s fourth foray into the world of social networking. The network grew substantially over its first couple of years, and by 2015 had amassed an active user base numbering 111 million people.

Although this figure is enormously impressive, in truth, Google+ has consistently struggled to compete with more widely successful social networks including Twitter and Facebook.

Despite not proving as big a hit with consumers, Google+ has always been a useful tool in the digital marketer’s armoury. Alongside other social networks, SEOs have often utilised it and given their clients’ websites a boost by sharing links to news stories, blog posts and more.

What Went Wrong?

Google has more recently admitted the existence of fundamental flaws in the network’s build, inadvertently resulting in a considerable impact on the security of user data.

Due to a bug with one of the Google+ People APIs, some static user data was accidentally placed at risk, including:

  • Names
  • Email addresses
  • Occupations
  • Genders
  • Ages

With the introduction of GDPR in the EU, this discovery happened at precisely the wrong time for Google. A strong reaction to correct these security flaws was expected, and so Google+ has become a high-profile casualty.

What Happens Next?

Google has already begun removing functionality across the network, starting with the ability to add new profiles, pages, communities and events.

Users with Google+ profiles are currently receiving emails, detailing how to download and save any images, text or other information that will be deleted once the system goes offline.

On mobile and desktop apps, Google+ sign in buttons are also being replaced with “sign in to Google” instead, allowing users to access their personal Google accounts.

If you currently use Google+ and would like to save any data you have on there, visit this webpage and simply follow the instructions.

Social Media Marketing by Piranha

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Social media is also a fantastic way of reaching out and communicating with customers. With the additional option of paid social advertising, Piranha can help your business succeed online.

Instead of Google+, our team will continue to use more widely-used networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!

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