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Google Plan For Real-Time Translation

By piranha

14th January 2015

Google are always looking for exciting, new ventures, which is how they have made a name for themselves in the world of technology, and now they are planning to improve the way that their translation service works for its users.

Their current programme can translate text into 90 different languages. Popular choices include Spanish, French, German and Greek, as well as not so familiar languages like Swahili, Cebuano and Mongolian.

According to the New York Times, the app has already been “installed more than 100 million times on Android phones.” The majority of these devices will see updates on the software when the changes are released.

Google want users to be able to translate speech, writing and images into the preferred language. They also want to ensure that all of the information used is 100% correct, which is not always the case on the current site.

This will put Google in direct competition with Skype, which just last month announced its plans to add a translation service to its video programme.

The software aims to automatically recognise the language being used and translate it in real-time, rather than having to wait for the device to catch up with what has been said. This will give a quick and accurate response and will be useful in situations where a simple and fast translation is needed.


This app could become very useful to those looking to learn a new language, conduct international business or just make friends with someone from another cultural background.

The updated app will be released to Android and iOS handsets.  It has not been specified which languages will be available in the real-time translation, but it is thought that it will be the most commonly translated languages that will be the first to appear.

Google are yet to announce a release date for the changes, so we will just have to wait until it’s ready. Hopefully, this will come in the next couple of months, so that we can try out the lingual software for ourselves!

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