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Google Medic Update Fallout

By piranha

24th August 2018

On the first week of August, Google rolled out a major search algorithm update that was named by Barry Schwartz – a prominent member of the SEO community – as the “Medic Update”.

Although Google releases minor tweaks to its algorithms on a daily basis, this was revealed to be a ­broad core update. Broad core updates indicate a major shift for the SEO industry and generally affect the traffic of millions of websites almost overnight.

Although some webmasters might disagree, the Medic Update didn’t get its name from needing an ambulance after analysing your traffic the next day!

It was so named because immediately after the change, health websites appeared to be the most severely affected. As Barry has pointed out, this is unusual in a global, core update because these factors “normally mean it impacts all flavours of sites, in all areas, everywhere.”

However, it isn’t just health and medical websites which have been impacted. Data suggests that business, financial and ecommerce websites have also felt the update’s effects.

What does the Medic Update mean?

The SEO industry carefully tracks what’s known as search volatility. This is a metric measuring the upward and downward movements of websites on search results. When examined over a period of time, these patterns can give us useful insights for individual industries.

As with all major algorithm updates, search volatility went through the roof. As Google seldom announces any changes – big, or small – this is the industry’s best indicator that a search algorithm change has been implemented.

Broad core updates mean that some websites win, whereas others lose.

What can I do about it?

Google never releases specifics about how to “fix” your site if it’s negatively impacted by an update.

The best advice we can give is to adhere to the search engine’s quality guidelines. Specifically, building useful and interesting content for readers and not for search engines!

(In case you missed it, we also wrote an awesome post on fresh content and why it’s good for SEO.)

We’re now a few weeks after the Medic Update touched down. If you think your website’s traffic might have gone down, it’s important to act now!

If you’re not sure how your website is performing, Piranha now offers comprehensive SEO audits. Get in touch to find out more.

Piranha can help!

Our team of in-house digital marketers is ready to make your website perform better. Whether you think your site’s been affected by the Medic Update or you want to safeguard it against the next broad core change, our experts are here to help!

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