Google Square up to Amazon with Buy Now Button

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Google looking to compete with Amazon by adding a ‘buy’ button

By piranha

18th December 2014

Google are said to be considering adding a’buy’ button so that customers can buy purchases in one click, rather than being redirected to different retail site. This will allow users to buy any desired product, whether it is clothes, books or technology, straight from the search engine’s shopping listings. This would be perfect for those customers who are in a rush to purchase or are always on the go!

They have been approaching retailers to see if this would be of interest to them, before they make the decision of whether to go ahead. The products and shipping will still be the responsibility of the merchant so it is really important to guarantee their support before taking any action.

This will put Google in direct competition with Amazon, which is a marketplace primarily known for buying goods online. They also have a similar one click pay system, which has contributed to their popularity with users.

It has been reported that in the third quarter, 39% of online shoppers in the U.S used Amazon, compared to 11% who used search engines like Google.

This additional payment feature may increase Google’s presence in the world of e-commerce.

Although no comment has been made on this, a spokesperson from Google has said that they have “many ideas for improving the experience for consumers.”

If the plans do go ahead, the top search engine may consider an annual membership, like that of Amazon Prime. This gives users exclusive deals, like quick dispatches and two-day delivery, for a monthly subscription.

Many users have built up a strong and loyal relationship with Amazon, so it will take a lot to convert them to Google. As the plans haven’t yet been decided on, we may be waiting a while before we see these features on Google.

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