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Google Freezes Flash Ads on Chrome

By piranha

10th September 2015

Last week, Google took steps to freeze Adobe Flash Ads on its Chrome browser. Users will now be required to click on these types of adverts to view them, whereas before they had an auto-play function.

This will help to improve page loading speeds and maximise battery use for those surfing the internet on their phones.

The new setting will be automatically defaulted on all chrome browsers. Users have the option to turn this off by going into their settings and opting out of the Flash block.

Content that is considered “essential”, like embedded video players, will continue to play on Chrome. Pop-ups, video ads and banner adverts will be the main types of media targeted by Google’s new changes.

Plugins are another thing that will be affected by the Flash freeze. Only the main plugins for websites will continue to run automatically, meaning that websites could stop working if the default setting isn’t changed.

This move doesn’t come as a shock to the majority of advertisers. The increasingly mobile world has led to many companies building their media in HTML5 and other online content software. YouTube is one of the many companies to move from Flash to HTML5 in the past few months.

Google has made it clear that they are looking to improve their services for mobile users. Just a few weeks ago, they rebranded their company logo in an attempt to make it easier to see on different browsers and devices, like mobiles and IPads. Blocking Flash is expected to be just one of the many changes that the corporation makes in order to increase their mobile presence.

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