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Google Extends Its ‘Right To Be Forgotten’

By piranha

11th February 2016

It was only two years ago when a European Court ruled for the ‘right to be forgotten.’ This has given internet users the right to ask search engines to remove information about themselves that they don’t want to appear on the web.

Under this law, Europeans are able to request the removal of content that is deemed harmful violates privacy, or is no longer relevant.

Since the ruling, Google has received more than 386,000 removal requests, of which 42% have been successful.

The company has announced that it will soon block these links across all of its European domains in an attempt to implement the ‘right to be forgotten’ more effectively.

Previously, requests made from the UK would only be removed from that domain but could still be found on and

When these changes are implemented, the filter will be applied whenever a European IP address is detected, however, users outside Europe will still be able to see a set of unfiltered results.

Google has received a lot of criticism for their response to the ‘right to be forgotten’ ruling. In September 2015, the French data protection authority threatened the company with a hefty find if they didn’t remove the results from its global sites as well as the European ones.

So far, they have managed to avoid any fines or legal action but if they don’t extend the ‘right to be forgotten’ across its global sites this could change.

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