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Free Ads Now Available Globally on Google Shopping Tab

By piranha

1st October 2020

If you’re new to paid media, it’s more than likely that all you’ve known is paid listings in Google Shopping. If you’ve been around the block, so to speak, you might look back fondly on the days when Google allowed you to list shopping ads for free.

Unsurprisingly though, this feature was retired in 2012 when Google shifted everything over to a ‘pay-to-play’ model. However, it was announced earlier this year that Google was going to reintroduce free listings on the Google Shopping tab.

Initially this was only available in the US but the effect is set to take effect by mid-October for retailers across Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Paid Listings Still Available

First off, the decision to introduce free listings came about as a result of the financial crisis that COVID-19 has caused around the world. Simply put, numerous businesses can’t afford to pay for Google Shopping listings at this time. Google says:

“And as consumers increasingly shop online, they’re searching not just for essentials but also things like toys, apparel, and home goods.

While this presents an opportunity for struggling businesses to reconnect with consumers, many cannot afford to do so at scale.”

By offering free shopping listings to retailers allows Google to get more products in front of people who need them.

“With hundreds of millions of shopping searches on Google each day, we know that many retailers have the items people need in stock and ready to ship but are less discoverable online.”

In regular search results, paid listings will still be available to those who want to and of course, can afford to pay for them. In the ‘Shopping’ tab, paid listings will appear above the free listings. So, there are still advantages to paying for your listings.

In these difficult times, many brick and mortar stores are starting to look toward the internet as a way of trying to bolster their revenue and this offer from Google will go a long way to making online advertising more accessible and more affordable to smaller businesses or those that are new to the process.

We Can Help

Here at Piranha Digital, we have an experienced paid search team who can help you getting your free Google Shopping listings up and running. From ensuring your product feeds are accurate and compliant with all the relevant guidelines to ensuring your business and products are front and centre, the team here at Piranha can help you succeed online.

Call us today on 01772 888331 or email your enquiry through to and we will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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