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It’s finally here, Penguin 3.0!

By piranha

23rd October 2014

Last week, Google confirmed that they had updated their spam detecting software. For those of you that aren’t aware of what Penguin is, it’s an algorithm update which gives over-optimisers a slap on the wrist for misbehaving. These sites go against Google’s publishing guidelines, using misleading or manipulative information to get you over to the site.

The layout of the software means that you can only find out if you have followed Google’s regulations by waiting to see the updated version’s feedback of the previous year. It is because of this that the Penguin 3.0 has kept publishers waiting in anticipation, with it being over a year since the last one was released.

Posting links in a spam-filled fashion is also condemned by Google, which means that if Penguin has caught you doing this, you will have to make the appropriate amendments. If you have been caught out, you will notice a massive reduction in the traffic and hits on your page, which is obviously bad for business!

If the pages that are discredited by Penguin appear elsewhere on the web, those pages also receive some of the negative backlash. They can potentially lose the visibility on Google search results, as the information on their page loses credibility from the fake votes.

If you want to keep in line with Google’s rules you will need to be really careful what you post on your website. A few tips to help you do this are to avoid excessive and replicated keyword use, as well as monitoring the quality of links that appear on your site. If you manage to do this you will be able to avoid the wrath of Penguin for another year!

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