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File-Sharers Respond to Googles Anti-Piracy Move

By piranha

20th August 2012

Isohunt and The Pirate Bay, two main file-sharing websites, have claimed that more traffic will be driven to Google’s home pages following the changes in the way that Google organises its search results.

Despite this claim however, both The Pirate Bay and Isohunt claim that Google is not their principle source of traffic. Gary Fung, owner of BitTorrent Isohunt, said that only 21% of its traffic came from Google.

On an Isohunt forum, Mr Fung also wrote “We have plenty of torrent links to non-copyright infringing content, and we’ll be adding 1.4 million more from the Internet Archive soon”

The recent changes now mean that any websites that have been flagged for assisting access to pirate content will automatically appear lower down on Google search lists.

Although YouTube videos are also subject to the same new rules, it has been suggested by Isohunt’s owner that the Google-owned video clip site would be given preferential treatment as it was omitted from the firm’s Transparency Report list of sites that had provoked copyright removal requests.

A Google spokeswoman said “This update applies to all websites including our own – you Tube, Blogger etc”

However, as the flagging of copyright is just one of the many factors that can affect Google’s rankings, it is unlikely that it will have much impact on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, which are dominated by user-generated content.

Google added that “in accordance with the law” material on YouTube which infringed copyright would be removed, if it was brought to their attention.

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