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Facebook “Tramples” On EU Privacy Laws

By piranha

21st May 2015

Facebook are in the limelight once again for the way they approach personal details and information. Belgium’s privacy watchdog has said that the company “tramples” on the European privacy law by tracking users without asking for their consent.

According to the Privacy Protection Commission in Belgium, Facebook has been avoiding questions from EU regulators. They have also refused to tell the Commission exactly how they are using the data collected from users.

Users of the site are urged to install privacy software to prevent the company from tracking them and accessing their personal details.

When questioned by Belgium’s watchdog, the social network said that it does comply with the EU privacy law.

On Friday, the Commission published a report which analysed the changes that Facebook had made to its privacy policies in January. This study was conducted to find out more about Facebook and its privacy regulations.

Following the study, the Commission said that; “Facebook tramples on European and Belgian privacy laws. Facebook has shown itself particularly miserly in giving precise answers.”

The Commission believes that the company is not adhering to laws set out by Belgium and other EU countries. They believe that Facebook is only complying with the regulations set out in Ireland, where their EU headquarters is based.

A spokesperson for the social network has said; “We work hard to make sure people have control over what they share and with whom. Facebook is already regulated in Europe and complies with European data protection law, so the applicability of the commission’s efforts is unclear.”

Facebook aren’t the only ones who have got into trouble for the way they handle privacy. Following investigations by several European authorities, Google was forced to change their privacy policies. It seems that the authorities aren’t going to give up and will continue investigating the big technology firms until they are satisfied with their privacy policies.

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