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Facebook Testing Search Engine Feature

By piranha

11th May 2015

Facebook has recently started testing their own search engine feature, which will allow users to find content without leaving the site.

Some iOS users will now see an option to “add a link”, which lets them search for keywords and find relevant content to share. These users can also include a description in the status update to let their friends know what the story is about.

This new feature means that instead of users having to copy and paste the URL into their status update, they will be able to click and share directly from the Facebook mobile app.

The search engine will show results that it thinks you are likely to be interested in sharing, recently published and popular with other users.

The company told Techcrunch that they are “piloting a new way to add a link that’s been shared on Facebook to your posts and comments”.

So far they have indexed more than a trillion news stories to power the search engine. Facebook will gather information about the most popular articles and who is sharing them, so that they can show users the most relevant content. This will give an advantage against Google, which has limited access to this kind of data.

At the moment, the feature is only available to a selected number of users in the U.S. but if the trial proves to be a success, it could be introduced to other countries.

Facebook hopes that by increasing the traffic to these articles they will not only fill up user’s news feeds but also encourage companies to advertise on the site. This is Facebook’s main source of income, which means that it is extremely important to build relationships with potential business customers, as well as the people who use the site.

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