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Facebook Releases New Video Publishing Settings

By piranha

29th July 2015

There is good news for video publishers on Facebook! The social media platform has recently announced a number of new settings that will give users more control of their videos.

The first part of the update will cover the customisation settings. Publishers will soon be able to post “secret videos.” Enabling this setting will mean that the video can’t be searched for and only those with the direct URL address will be able to see it.

When the updates are released, publishers will be able to target their content at specific gender and age groups. Until now, users could only choose locations and languages to target.

The Video Library Tool focuses on the back-end elements of the websites. Users will be able to edit existing metadata, even after it has been originally posted. This feature will also give publishers the option to manage distribution and block 3rd party embeds.

In a blog post published in their Newsroom, Facebook said; “We’re building tools to help video publishers grow their businesses on Facebook, and we’re excited to announce two new updates that give publishers more control over how their videos are organized and shared.”

“Today we’re excited to introduce enhancements to our video upload system and a new Video Library. The enhanced video upload flow gives Page owners customized distribution options for videos on Facebook, while the new Video Library is a simple, centralized place to manage videos.”

Facebook has been trying extremely hard to compete with its main rival, YouTube, which draws in more than 1 billion active users each month. First they enabled auto play in news feeds and now the company is releasing updates for publishers. If you are keenly awaiting the new features, you should expect to see them on your screens over the next couple of weeks.

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