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Facebook Promises Less Hoaxes On News Feeds

By piranha

28th January 2015

Scams and hoaxes have become increasingly common on the social media platform, Facebook, much to the annoyance of the user.

The site has just announced that it will make changes the news feed feature, in an attempt to filter the type of content being shown.

If you regularly use Facebook, you will probably have seen these ‘news’ stories on your timeline.  Examples of recent hoax stories which have appeared on the site include ‘Scientists demonstrate irrefutably the existence of Santa Clause’ and ‘Man sees dinosaur on hike in Utah.’

By using false and misleading titles, users are tricked into clicking on the links and sharing them on their own profiles.

Many hoaxes promise the chance to win a prize, like a holiday or money, if they like and repost the link. Millions of people have fallen for these scams in the hope that they could win the prize.

Although Facebook will not be removing these links, they will be marking the content with a warning when it has been flagged and reported by more than one user.

This will hopefully reduce the number of times that the link is clicked, which will reduce the number of times that it appears on timelines.

Facebook commented on the story, saying that they “found from testing that people tend not to report satirical content intended to be humorous, or content that is clearly labelled as satire. This type of content should not be affected by this update.

The vast majority of publishers on Facebook will not be impacted by this update. A small set of publishers who are frequently posting hoaxes and scams will see their distributions decrease.”

It is unclear how exactly this system will work, especially as the site allows any user to report content that they find inappropriate. With so many different views in the world, like political and religious, it is almost certain that some people will find some stories more offensive than others.

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