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Facebook Overestimates Video Usage

By piranha

26th September 2016

With more than 1.7 billion people using the platform each month, Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular social media site in the world.

But recently the company has been getting attention for all of the wrong reasons after admitting that they had overestimated how much video content is being watched on the platform.

Over the past 2 years, Facebook has been artificially inflating figures for the average time people spend watching videos as they hadn’t actually been counting all of those watching for less than 3 seconds.

In a post on the Advertiser Help Centre, the Facebook team said; We had previously *defined* the Average Duration of Video Viewed as “total time spent watching a video divided by the total number of people who have played the video.” But we erroneously had *calculated* the Average Duration of Video Viewed as “the total time spent watching a video divided by *only* the number of people who have viewed a video for three or more seconds.”

“The corrected metrics are now available in Ads Manager and data is available starting Aug 25th, 2016. Deprecation of the legacy metrics will be in early Oct.”

“We apologise for the inconvenience and we hope that these new metrics, in addition to other video metrics available in reporting will help you better evaluate your ad performance.”

The Analytics tools that Facebook offers are extremely useful, especially for advertisers and companies using paid ads on the site. By looking at the metrics, you can see just how well your video has done so that you can make any improvements to your future content.

But because these figures have been inflated, past video projects might have performed very differently than you originally thought, so it is no wonder that so many people are annoyed with the latest news.

Hopefully, now that the error has been acknowledged and resolved by Facebook, we should start to see accurate metrics when posting video content.

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