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Facebook Launches Recommendations Tool

By piranha

7th February 2017

With around 1.86 billion people using the social media platform each month, Facebook is always under pressure to improve the user experience.

The company recently launched Recommendations in the UK, which aims to make it easier for people to get advice from their Facebook friends.

This tool lets you to ask a question in a group or on your news feed. When Facebook identifies a post as a request for advice, it will automatically class it as a recommendation post. When your friends answer, you will get lots of useful information like the address and customer reviews for the company that they are recommending.

This tool could help you to find the best restaurants, shops and hotels, as well as exciting things to do in your local area. Suggestions will then be added to your own customised map, meaning that you can find them easily and plan your journey.

Facebook has said that; “Whether you’re looking for a bakery or a barber shop, a veterinarian or a vacation rental, Recommendations helps you find it. Get exactly what you need from the friends who know you best.”

The Recommendations tool is expected to be much more popular than Facebook Discover, which encourages users to befriend people that they don’t know to help find events that they might be interested in.

Recommendations was released in the US last year and is now available to people in the UK accessing the platform on both desktop and mobile.

Have you tried the new Recommendations tool yet? Let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!

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