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Facebook Launches Lifestage App for Teens

By piranha

22nd August 2016

In an attempt to get more young people interested in the social network, Facebook has launched a new app that is only available to users under 21 years of age. Lifestage can be used to tell a story through video, much like their competitor Snapchat.

Users will spend their time on the app answering biographical questions, such as who their best friend is or what their embarrassed face looks like, with a video response. Other things that it will ask for include your happy face, sad face, dislikes and even your best dance moves.

The company thinks that this will be a fun and exciting way for users to interact, compared to them answering with plain text.

Lifestage is a standalone app, so it is completely separate from Facebook. This means that your recorded videos won’t be shown to your Facebook friends, instead only your connections on Lifestage will see them.

One thing that many experts have picked up on is the fact that there is nothing to stop people over the age limit joining, as all they would need to do is provide a fake date of birth. Users will be able to block and report profiles, but some people, especially parents, think that this isn’t safe enough.

In a Facebook post, Michael Sayman, the company’s Product Manager and creator of Lifestage said; “Lifestage allows people to build a profile made up entirely of “video fields”. It allows them to show others who they are and to find out more about the people in their school community as well as meet new people.”

“Lifestage allows you to share a visual profile of who you are with your (school) network. Like Facebook in 2004, we are rolling out Lifestage on a school by school basis. By default, all schools start locked and as soon as 20 people sign up for any particular school, the school unlocks. From there, we plan on exploring how to further expand Lifestage.”

At the moment, the Lifestage app is only available to iOS users in the US. Like any of Facebook’s new ventures, it is thought that it will be released to the rest of the world in the coming weeks or even days.

Do you think that the company’s latest move is a good or bad idea? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter.

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