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Facebook To Include Ads Within Videos

By piranha

12th January 2017

This week, tech news company Recode reported that Facebook will soon be introducing mid-roll video ads to the platform.

Unlike YouTube which features skippable ads at the start of videos, Facebook will allow advertisers to insert an ad 20 seconds into a video, providing it is at least 90 seconds long.

It is expected that this will change the way user activity is tracked, giving advertisers and businesses a better understanding of who is watching their ads.

This insight into customers will hopefully give people the information that they need to create successful ads, which is not only good for them but also for Facebook.

One analyst has suggested that these ads will only be included in videos posted by professional publishers at first but will probably become available to others in the future.

As the main source of revenue for the company, there is no surprise that Facebook are trying to expand their advertising network.

Last year, the company hinted at changes to video advertising, with their VP of partnerships saying; “Next year, we’re going to start thinking about how that type of monetization opportunity could potentially be brought to regular videos as well.”

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