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Facebook Are Changing How We See Notifications

By piranha

30th April 2015

Facebook are once again changing the way users see their notifications. If you are accessing the site via a mobile device, the chances are that you will see these changes in the coming months!

The social network is currently testing a new notifications tab, which will pull content from around the site and display it in once place.

The new notifications tab will be split into the following 8 sections; Birthdays, Life Events, Nearby Places, Trending Topics, News, Past Posts, Nearby Friends and Event Invites.

Its ‘Nearby Places’ section will be one of the most useful parts of the update. It will show you 3 of the best restaurants in your area, depending on the time of day. For instance, if you are looking for somewhere to eat in the morning, it will show you 3 places that are open for breakfast.

The News tab will show users stories that have been shown locally. Although Facebook is a popular platform for News, this is the first time that stories have been heavily filtered by location.

Users will be able to personalise their notifications to show more of the content that they want to see. This means that if you aren’t interested in upcoming events or birthdays, you won’t have to see them in your feed.

A spokesperson for the company has said; “We are testing an updated Notifications tab that adds additional, relevant content about everything that might be helpful to know on a particular day.”

No date has been announced for the release of the notification tab but it is thought that mobile users in the U.S will be the first to experience it, with the rest of the world following shortly after. These changes will hopefully make using the site easier for the 936 million people accessing Facebook each day!

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