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Facebook Accused of Deliberately Crashing Apps

By piranha

7th January 2016

Recent reports have come to light this week, claiming that Facebook has deliberately crashed its Android app in an attempt to test the loyalty of its users. The social media platform wanted to see how long user would wait for the app to be restored before going elsewhere on the web.

These claims came from The Information, which is an online technology publication based in California. In its report, it said that Facebook had been crashing its mobile app over lengthy periods in order to find out whether users would navigate to the mobile version of the site or away from Facebook completely.

In their post, The Information said; “Facebook’s goal is to be ready in case it has an intractable conflict with Google, which operates the Android mobile operating system, over future rules governing how apps can function on Android.”

It also suggested that when the app was unavailable, “people never stopped coming back.”

Facebook has received criticism from both users and experts over these claims, mainly because it was done without consent.

This isn’t the first time that they have been in trouble for testing user’s responses. In June 2014, the company was criticised for subjecting users to psychological testing, without knowledge or consent.

Casey Newton, who is a tech writer for The Verge, suggested that the main problem with these experiments is that; “Users are almost totally unaware of these experiments. And if they do eventually find out about them, they can’t really leave – because there’s simply no other meaningful Facebook-like service in the market. That gives the company a moral imperative to treat its users honestly.”

Do you think that Facebook should be allowed to test users without telling them? Let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook!

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