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    Exhibition Stand Design from Piranha

    At Piranha, we design and supply a wide range of pop up exhibition stands, ranging from budget 3×3 systems to flexible modular pop ups that can be linked together to give the impression of a bespoke exhibition system

    All pop up exhibition stands are designed in-house by our creative team and supplied by our network of trade suppliers who manufacture them in the UK on our behalf. Dealing with trade suppliers, our clients benefit from having high-quality pop up exhibition stands at fantastic prices, delivered on time.

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    Pop-Up Exhibition Stands

    Pop up exhibition stands are extremely flexible, versatile, easy to erect and very cost effective. Their lightweight construction makes them easy to transport, coming in their own robust carry cases and they can easily be put up in a matter of minutes by one or two people.

    Pop up exhibition stands are now established as an industry standard for exhibiting at most exhibition venues. Their popularity is down to cost, ease of transportation and erecting, but also the large visual display area available to get your message across.

    All our pop up display stands are dispatched within 72 hours of artwork being signed off by our clients, with next day courier delivery.  All the pop up exhibition stand bundles we provide are supplied with LED lights as standard, a robust carry case and the option for a graphics wrap to convert the case into a display unit.

    Benefits of Pop-Up Exhibition Stands from Piranha:

    • Lightweight and easy to transport in their own carry case with a graphic wrap option
    • Low cost flexible exhibition solution with high visual impact
    • Flexible and available in many size options, starting at 3×3
    • Effortless tool-free assembly in minutes
    • Full colour graphics available in different materials and finishes including laminations and fabrics
    • Full exhibition artwork created by our in-house design team
    • Premium exhibition hardware
    • Suitable for any event including exhibitions, events, trade shows, seminars, and conferences
    • Fast UK delivery


    Our Work

    Design Examples from Piranha

    Here you will see several pop up exhibition stands examples designed and delivered by Piranha. All our exhibition projects are completely different and can range from supplying a single sided 800mm banner stand to managing a full international exhibition including full installation and pull-down services.

    Piranha's Top Tips for Exhibition Success

    1. Select the exhibition that suits your business

    Take time to research exhibitions that are tailored towards the type of clients you wish to work with and who you feel would be a good match for your business. Look closely at the published list of visitors from previous exhibitions or those already signed up for the one you are researching.

    2. Set goals you can measure

    Be realistic but set measurable goals that can be assigned to the exhibition, such as the number of follow up appointments set, the number of new leads to be distributed to your sales team, the number of new business quotes issued and ultimately the number of confirmed orders.

    3. Design your stand to match your objectives

    Your exhibition stand is what will attract people to come and talk to you, so ensure it lets people know what you do. The design needs to reinforce the objective you have set for the exhibition, for example to generate sales leads around a new product launch.

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    4. Encourage visitors to your stand and engage with you

    Be ruthless, you are not at the exhibition to provide background information to educate the general public, you want sales and to get sales you need to start a conversation. Include things on your stand designed simply to get people stop by, perhaps a competition, some entertainment, but avoid being seen as a free bar! A gimmick works well to bring people to you; however, it needs to be credible and related to your brand so that it is memorable and not tacky.

    5. Maximise promotional and advertising opportunities

    Use all promotional channels before the event to let people you know you are attending and fully utilise the channels provided by the organisers. Do everything you can to get people to visit your stand – a busy stand is a successful stand it and will make it easier for new customers to visit you.

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    6. Interaction

    Include interaction on your stand, things that people can see, touch, hear, small or taste. It is a long day visiting a trade show and people want to exercise all their senses. You will be more memorable if you have some theatre weaved into your corporate presentation.

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    7. Record Everything

    Have a system to record everything, make sure you fully understand everything about the visitors to your stand. If possible, get them to sign up to receive further information to make yourself GDPR compliant for the future.

    8. Follow Up

    The final, and possibly most important stage of the exhibition is to follow up on the visitors who have taken the time to talk to you. If you do not follow up the leads, then the entire exhibition expenditure will have been wasted.

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    9. Review & Learn

    It is unlikely you will only exhibit once so you need to evaluate your success at meeting your objectives, learn what worked for you and what did not, and implement this for the next exhibition you attend.

    Approximately 75% of visitors at an exhibition are there because they want to buy, or plan to, soon. It is therefore important for you to ensure the impression you make is remembered days, weeks and even months after the event!

    With these tips from Piranha, you should be easily on your way to exhibiting success!

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    Now is the time to start your exhibition design project with Piranha. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing your return on exhibition investment.

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