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Exciting New Facebook Feature for Local Business

By piranha

11th June 2015

Facebook now lets users call businesses directly from their news feed!

Facebook is launching an exciting new Facebook feature – the “Call Now” buttons to Facebook Ads, designed to make it easier for customers to reach businesses. When a client or customer sees your ad on a mobile device, they can just click the Call Now button and automatically dial your business! The company already added a “Get Directions” button, which maps the route from the user’s location to the business’s physical address.

You can create the ads straight from your Facebook Page. All you need to do is choose a Call to Action, set the area that you want to reach and then select a budget. That’s it.

Objective: Local Awareness

Small businesses wanting to target Facebook users closer to them have a new advertising objective: Local awareness.

Facebook Advertising is a really useful platform for small businesses, and their existing ads are great. However, 83% of Facebook users now access the site using their mobile – which opens up an exciting new raft of marketing opportunities. Fortunately, Facebook acquired Rel8tion in 2011, a startup focused on localised geo-targeting via mobile advertising. The idea was to sync up location and demographics with relevant adverts.

Local Awareness ads are created with small businesses in mind, and offer specific, hyper local audience targeting – which is a real bonus! Before, the only way to target a specific region was by city or post code – not really practical in London or Manchester!

The format is so well targeted, it combines reach, relevancy and low costs. America based Snappy Salads used local awareness ads and reached 38,424 people in the local area – for just $2.99 per CPM.

Facebook has promised that “local awareness ads are more cost-effective and precise than traditional methods such as placing an advert in a local newspaper.” They claim that you will spend less money by reaching more people in your area per pound spent than with any other kind of advertising, including newspaper or direct mail.

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