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EU Files Complaint against Google Shopping

By piranha

16th April 2015

On Wednesday, the European Union formally charged Google in regards to its shopping platform. They claim that the corporation has abused its search market position in Europe.

The EU has been examining the company closely to see if it has been fixing search results to favour its own services.

At the moment, Google holds 90% of the search market in Europe, which doesn’t leave much room for other engines like Bing, Yahoo and Ask.

Its rivals have been trying to get these issues addressed for many years. They want the competition to be fairer, so that their results are featured on search, maps, shopping and other Google services.

Many search companies are also unhappy that Google places adverts for its own shopping services above other relevant links.

The EU’s antitrust regulator, Margrethe Vestager, said that Google has given “an unfair advantage to its own comparison shopping service.”

“Google now has the opportunity to convince the Commission to the contrary. However, if the investigation confirmed our concerns, Google would have to face the legal consequences and change the way it does business in Europe.”

This is not the first time that Google has faced these claims, with numerous allegations being made over the past 5 years. Last year, the company made a settlement with the EU, which meant that they had to change their search policies.

If Google are found guilty they could face a fine of up to $6bn, which is 10% of their annual revenue. This is equivalent to around £4 billion pounds.

They have been given 10 weeks to respond to these allegations. Up to now they have denied any wrong doings but with a heavy fine hanging over their heads, this may change in the next few weeks!

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