Is This The End Of Violent Videos On Facebook?

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Is This The End Of Violent Videos On Facebook?

By piranha

21st January 2015

With videos appearing on Facebook more and more each day, it is no surprise that there is so much variation in content. Not all of these happen to be positive, with an increasing number of disturbing, shocking and sometimes violent videos being added to the site each day.

The site has received enormous amounts of criticism for displaying these videos, with what seems to have very little regulation when it comes to violent videos.

In the past, Facebook users have been subjected to videos of beheadings, shootings and other gruesome images. These can appear on your timeline if a friend has liked, commented or even watched, which makes it incredibly hard to avoid when scrolling through the social media site.

The site’s minimum age limit is 13 years old, but it is not unheard of for children younger than this age signing up with false details. This makes it even more important to protect the vulnerable users, who shouldn’t be exposed to this violence.

Facebook have announced that it will now include warnings for these types of videos, so that the user knows exactly what they are about to watch.

These videos will also need to be clicked in order for them to play, unlike the autoplay function which affects the rest of the video content on the site.  This will mean that if you are scrolling down your news feed and you come across these violent videos, you will not have to watch it.

A spokeswoman for Facebook told the BBC, “When people share things on Facebook, we expect that they will share it responsibly, including choosing who will see that content,” a spokeswoman told the BBC.

“We also ask that people warn their audience about what they are about to see if it includes graphic violence.

“In instances when people report graphic content to us that should include warnings or is not appropriate for people under the age of 18, we may add a warning for adults and prevent young people from viewing the content.”

Many people think that Facebook’s plans are a step in the right direction. With over 1.35 billion people visiting the site each month, they will need to monitor and respond to the content that is being posted, in order to protect its users.

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