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    Email Marketing

    A Bit of Background

    E-mail marketing has been around longer than you might think.  In 1971, a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson, developed a system for sending messages between computers that proved to be the birth of e-mail communications.  This system gained popularity by linking up users on Arpanet, a defence system that became the basis of the internet.

    In 1972, e-mail marketing was starting to take shape and Larry Roberts developed the first email management system that enabled users to list, select, forward, and respond to messages. The first recorded commercial e-mail marketing campaign was sent in 1978 by marketing manager, Gary Thuerk. He sent an email marketing campaign promoting DEC machines to 400 users via Arpanet. The sheer novelty for recipients (receiving a sales/marketing message directly to their computer’s inbox) resulted in $13 million worth of sales for DEC machines – now that is what you call a success!

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    Why Email Marketing is so Important Today for Businesses Like Yours

    According to Marketing Week, 73% of marketers rate email marketing as the number one digital channel for return on investment. Research carried out in 2017 identified that for every £1 spent on e-mail marketing, the return was £32.28p with £29 billion of retail sales generated directly from e-mail marketing. According to The Radicati Group, e-mail continues to be the leading form of business communication, despite increased use of many other forms of communication such as instant chat and social networking.  All the evidence points to the fact that e-mail marketing, if done correctly, is still one of the best channels for generating exceptional returns on investment.

    Why Choose Piranha Digital as Your Email Marketing Partner

    Piranha started trading in 2001 and we have been designing, building and delivering successful e-mail marketing campaigns for our clients ever since.  We know what works, what does not and can provide accurate estimates in advance of the campaign for you so you can plan the level of sales and enquiries to expect. We have vast experience of both b2b and b2c e-mail marketing, working alongside some very demanding clients. We design and build the campaigns in-house and our digital marketing team work closely with our web development team on building landing pages designed to convert interest into leads.


    • Piranha first started delivering managed e-mail marketing services in 2001
    • We have an unrivalled level of expertise in delivering results driven campaigns for our clients
    • Our fees are extremely competitively priced
    • Our management team consists of highly qualified and accredited professionals who live and breathe digital marketing
    • We specialise in both consumer and business e-mail marketing campaigns
    • You will be assigned both an e-mail marketing account manager and a member of the digital marketing team who will be working on your e-mail marketing campaign
    • Piranha has an in-house creative team and website development team so we can design, test and build different landing pages to improve ROI from e-mail marketing campaigns
    • Strong management team overseeing all e-mail marketing projects
    • A strong portfolio of successful projects and case studies across most industry sectors
    • In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of campaigns running

    E-mail Marketing Managed Services by Piranha Digital

    There is great benefit to be gained from working with a company like Piranha Digital who can provide a fully managed e-mail marketing service to companies of all sizes.  As well as reducing the internal time in managing the campaigns, the technical expertise within Piranha, combined with creativity and marketing know-how will help to deliver a co-ordinated and structured e-mail marketing strategy.

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    Data Sourcing & Data Acquisition

    Piranha provides a data sourcing service, working with core providers of opt-in consumer and business data such as Experian. All data is available to match target company SIC codes, size, location, turnover and financial stability whilst consumer data is available across all major demographic categories and personal interests.

    We also deliver data harvesting campaigns utilising social media, search marketing and non-digital channels to build your own targeted e-mail marketing lists.

    Data Management

    We can manage you e-mail marketing data lists for you, import them into broadcast software and monitor delivery rates in order to remove lapsed contacts or identify inaccurate records. We can also carry out research to complete records where important information might be missing.

    Data Cleansing

    At Piranha we have a low cost, stepped approach to cleansing our client’s data. Initially we use industry tools to identify records, company or e-mail address that no longer exist. We can also cost effectively identify ‘gone-away’s’ or data that has changed, such as a new URL or a change in e-mail format. Finally, we can cross reference this with social media research before using telemarketing for the final cleanse. The outcome is that your database will be smaller, cleaner, deliver better results and will not flag up on e-mail distribution platforms as being old/non-compliant data.

    GDPR Compliance

    The new GDPR legislation has placed a great deal of emphasis on companies to take responsibility for the security of customer data they hold, and how they use it in the process of providing electronic communications. At Piranha we work closely with our clients to ensure the e-mail marketing campaigns we manage, and deliver, are compliant with GDPR. This also includes helping in the creation of policy statements and providing positive opt-in options for the permission to hold and use the data when gathering contact details through the website.

    Campaign Planning

    E-mail marketing is like any other form of visual communication, in that a careful strategy and campaign plan should be developed prior to starting the creative process. As part of our managed e-mail marketing service, the team at Piranha will sit down with you to discuss your campaign objectives, your USPs and what your competitors are doing before creating a full campaign plan including concepts, budgets, and timeframes.

    Creative Design

    The design of an e-mail is critical in maximising click through rates and engagement. Our marketing and design team will work closely with you designing e-mails that have impact and clearly communicate the top line message and call to action. We will show you several different visuals so we can test the reaction of stakeholders to the concepts and also provide plenty of opportunity to refine the designs prior to building and broadcasting.

    More about Email Design from Piranha

    E-mail Building

    Our in-house team builds e-mails for our clients based on the e-mail design chosen. These can be simple e-mails perhaps promoting a single event, product or service or a more complex newsletter style with multiple articles, pieces of information and links through to landing pages. All our e-mails are fully tested before bulk broadcasts and are fully responsive for delivery to different mobile devices and PCs.

    We also work with templates supplied by third party distribution platforms such as MailChimp, utilising the pre-built structures if more appropriate than a bespoke build.

    E-mail Broadcast

    At Piranha we provide a fully managed e-mail broadcast service for our clients utilising platforms and servers that maximise delivery rates. As spam filters become more sophisticated, we work hard to keep at the forefront of e-mail delivery technology to ensure as many potential customers as possible have the opportunity to read your marketing e-mail.

    Response Management

    People can interact in difference ways upon receiving an e-mail. This can include simply ignoring the e mail, deleting it, unsubscribing from the data list, opening the e-mail, opening the e-mail and clicking through to a landing page, providing contact details, make a call requesting more information, complaining about the content and so on. All these options require a response strategy if you are to maximise the returns on your e-mail marketing investment. At Piranha, we plan a full response management campaign that sits behind the initial campaign so we can deal efficiently with all the possible outcomes.

    Engagement Reporting

    Each e-mail marketing campaign is followed up with a comprehensive engagement report showing those individuals who have opened the e-mail, those who have engaged further by clicking through to predesigned landing pages and the relationship between different creative ideas when utilising A/B testing. Traditional statistics are also provided to compare open rates for different campaigns.

    Our Work

    Email Marketing Examples from Piranha

    We have been providing fully managed e-mail marketing services at Piranha since the company was launched in 2001, and have plenty of outstanding case studies showcasing the work we have done, the results we have achieved and the difference we have made to our client’s business. Click the links to view examples of recent e-mail marketing campaigns designed, built and delivered by Piranha which will give you an understanding of what to expect when working with Piranha.

    E-mail Marketing Managed Services What You Get from Piranha

    At Piranha, we go further than just designing great e-mails, you get a fully managed service covering data, design, build, broadcast, and reporting, plus all the after sales care you would expect from a leading digital agency.

    • Data management- Helping you source, manage and store all your e-mail marketing data from initial imports to final broadcast.
    • Planning – Pre campaign planning for all projects to ensure clear objectives and targets are set. This assists in the development of the creative campaign and ensures everything is co-ordinated and not a one off e-mail blast!
    • Creative design – Whatever project you start with Piranha, creativity is included as standard. Creativity and problem solving is at the heart of the Piranha philosophy and is the reason we have been such a success for ourselves and our clients for 20 years.
    • E-mail delivery – High delivery rates, the latest technology and careful design helps us deliver great e-mail campaigns for our clients. It doesn’t matter how clever the campaign is if you can’t get it into the customer’s in-box!
    • Support – A real company, with a real office building, with a real telephone number, here in Lancashire ensures fantastic customer support is only a call away and is one of the key reasons so many clients have stayed with us since our foundation in 2001.
    • Account management – Your own account manager, who will get to know your business as well as you, so we can make a real difference to your marketing activity and optimise the conversion rates from your e-mail marketing campaign.
    • Monthly reporting- Each month you will get a personally created report on the performance of your campaign, presented in a way you will understand. Your account manager will discuss what elements you want in your report, such as cost per sale, cost per lead etc.
    • Access to your results through our online hub – In additional to the monthly reports, all our digital marketing clients who use other digital marketing services are set up and have access to our reporting hub so results and reports can be viewed 24/7.
    • Regular meetings – Regular meetings are held to discuss the ongoing strategy, to review results and to plan for the next month.
    • Support from other departments – Piranha is a full-service digital agency, so as well as e-mail marketing campaigns, you can receive marketing support from our other departments and have fully integrated campaigns utilising multiple channels.

    Benefits of E-mail Marketing & a Managed Service from Piranha

    • All research points towards exceptional ROI for e-mail marketing
    • All budgets and costs can be pre-determined, so no surprises
    • Simple, low cost monthly management fee for your campaign
    • Transparent reporting
    • Fully managed service
    • B2B and B2C experts in-house
    • Designed and delivered by a qualified team
    • In-house design and development team to support campaigns
    • Better value, better results, lower cost than managing it yourself
    • The region’s leading full-service digital agency

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    E-mail Marketing

    Our Conclusion at Piranha

    Put simply, our conclusion is that e-mail marketing is the best standalone marketing channel for ROI. This conclusion is backed up by research carried out by leading marketing journals and professional bodies.  ‘81% and 80% of respondents, respectively, said email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. – eMarketer. ‘for ten years in a row, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers’ – Direct Marketing Association (DMA)

    E-mail marketing can be extremely targeted, can be very creative but can also be analysed very accurately to make sure investment is not wasted. When you factor in the low-cost distribution of the message, then the overall campaign costs can provide some of the best value for money from any marketing channel. As with all marketing campaigns, there is always a downside, and with e-mail marketing this is the challenge of side-stepping spam filters and creating subject lines which increase open rates but at the same time deliver on the promise.

    Now is the time to start your e-mail marketing campaign with Piranha Digital. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing the volume of online sales or business leads