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    The Importance of Good E-mail Design

    According to research carried out by Marketing Week, nearly 75% of Digital Marketing Professionals rated email marketing as the number one digital channel for return on investment. This outstanding return on investment does not happen by chance. Many components within an e-mail marketing campaign need to work together to achieve these results, and one of the key elements is the design of the e-mail. All the evidence points to the fact that e-mail marketing, if done correctly, is still one of the best channels for generating exceptional returns on investment.

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    Effective E-mail Design

    Designing effective e-mail campaigns is easier when you follow a structure and remind yourself why you are designing and sending the e-mail. At the end of the day, you want to engage with your customers and get them to complete an action, whether that is making contact, purchasing a product, or downloading information. It is all about getting that return on investment. Below are a few points we follow at Piranha when designing your e-mailer.

    • We ensure we stay within the boundaries! Keeping the email content within 600px wide ensures the user does not have to scroll left to right to read the e-mail.
    • We ensure Calls-to-Action are prominent! Many of your subscribers are likely only view the very top section of their email, so we want to catch that action!
    • We let the email tell a story. The most effective emails weave a compelling and cohesive story between the subject line, the header, and the content.
    • We use HTML text/fonts. Many fonts do not make it to an inbox. Sticking to the basics – Arial, Verdana and Georgia for example ensures safe delivery of your email.
    • We anticipate image-blocking. Most email clients block images in emails unless the recipient chooses to see them, so we design emails that work with or without images.
    • We design prominent calls-to-action. Clear calls-to-action are essential for practically every form of email. We ensure they are noticeable encourage engagement!
    • We make it clear who is sending the message. People are generally suspicious of contacts who they do not know or recognise, and email is no different – we ensure that from the outset, your subscribers know who the e-mail has come from, to consolidate brand confidence.
    • We treat the email like a homepage. The main aim of an email is to get recipients directed away as soon as possible. Concise, simple messages that get straight to the point will encourage users to click through – in this case, less is definitely more!
    • We keep the message focused and direct. Emails are purposeful messaging channels meaning that the most effective content is limited in scope. We limit our e-mails to no more than 3 messages to keep everyone focused.
    • We make the buttons enticing, encouraging clicks. A call-to-action in an email is key to getting conversions, and with this in mind, we ensure that the call-to-action button is enticing, clear and clickable!

    Why Choose Piranha Digital as your E-mail Marketing Partner

    Piranha started trading in 2001 and we have been designing, building and delivering successful e-mail marketing campaigns for our clients ever since. We know what works, what does not and can provide accurate estimates in advance of the campaign for you so you can plan the level of sales and enquires to expect.

    We have vast experience of both b2b and b2c e-mail marketing working alongside some very demanding clients. We design and build the campaigns in-house and our digital marketing team works closely with our web development team on building landing pages designed to convert interest into leads.

    More about our Email Marketing Service

    • Piranha first started delivering managed e-mail marketing services in 2001
    • We have an unrivalled level of expertise in delivering results driven campaigns for our clients
    • Our fees are extremely competitively priced
    • Our management team consists of highly qualified and accredited professionals who live and breathe digital marketing
    • We specialise in both consumer and business e-mail marketing campaigns
    • You will be assigned both an e-mail marketing account manager and a member of the digital marketing team who will be working on your e-mail marketing campaign
    • Piranha has an in-house creative team and website development team so we can design, test and build different landing pages to improve ROI from e-mail marketing campaigns
    • A strong management team overseeing all e-mail marketing projects
    • A strong portfolio of successful projects and case studies across most industry sectors
    • In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of campaigns running

    Benefits of E-mail Marketing & a Managed Service from Piranha

    The region’s leading full-service digital agency!


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