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DuckDuckGo Blocked In China

By piranha

26th September 2014

The increasingly popular anonymous search engine DuckDuckGo has recently been blocked in China, according to recent user reports. The findings were confirmed by the search engines founder and CEO, Gabriel Weinberg.

Checking which websites are blocked in China can be done by visiting the website, which shows that the website has actually been blocked since the 4th of September. The blocking of the site was a surprise to many, with no official announcement or reason given.

Bing and Yahoo are still accessible within China, but this is probably due to the fact that they both have servers based in China and have agreed to censor search results in accordance with media laws in China.

Usage of the search engine has increased over recent years, mostly due to developments such as the PRISM scandal in June 2013 and increasing data collection from browsers and search engines. Whilst being blocked in China will undoubtedly reduce traffic, the latest Apple operating systems will add DuckDuckGo as a search engine, so this will no doubt even out the number of users lost.

DuckDuckGo handles around 5 million searches a day across the world – around 0.04% of queries as of August 2014. This share looks only to increase despite setbacks as users become more cautious online with regards to their personal data and search history. Although arguments exist for keeping data on people for security reasons, those who want to maintain their privacy are arguably in the majority.

Whilst not being an option for those in China anymore, DuckDuckGo gives an easy way to maintain your privacy whilst still getting great search results.

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