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Direct Mail is Live and Kicking

By piranha

12th January 2012

As companies have moved resources into digital marketing it has left in its wake a “quieter” market place for traditional direct mail. As the amount of direct mail, especially business to business has dropped in some markets, then it has left a less congested market for companies to get their message across. One key factor in getting your message over successfully is the amount of “noise” your customers are subjected to, as the marketing channel gets quieter, then your message is more likely to be seen.

If digital communication was so good then the online giants of the world like Google and Microsoft would rely solely on email and other digital communication, but they don’t, In fact, they spend millions of pounds each year reaching out to customers and prospects using direct mail. Why? Because it works.

In January 2012, research carried out into direct mail found that 64% of consumers value the mail they receive in their post-box. This confirms an earlier 2008 survey showing that over 52% of people receive greater satisfaction from reviewing their mail received through the post as compared to e-mail and over 94% of consumers took action on a promotion offer or coupon that they received through direct mail.

Is it time you took another look at direct mail?

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