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    What is Guest Blogging and Guest Blog Posting?

    Guest Blogging is just one of the many Content Marketing and SEO Strategies we employ here at Piranha for our digital clients. It is a process of writing and publishing articles on third party websites, news sites and blogging sites with the overall objective of increasing exposure of our clients’ products and services. On the face of it, the value appears to be the readership of the target site, but our real goal is to create high quality links to turbo boost our client’s domain authority, page authority, and lift the rankings on Google and Bing of their most important keywords and key phrases.

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    Blog Writing Services

    At Piranha, our skilled copywriters can create that perfect blog post for you or your business. Recent research carried out indicated the optimum word count for a page appearing number one on Google was 1,400. This is a lot of words for a blog post, but it does show the importance of content volume in the successful ranking of individual pages. Most of the site owners we work with know the importance of content including volume, engagement, relevance, and uniqueness. As a rule, our media partners require unique articles from us with a minimum word count of 500. We can also often negotiate up to 3 deep links to help improve the page authority of deeper pages and the rankings of specific key words and phrases. As part of our complete solution, we schedule the creation of Guest Blog Posts with the re-engineering of the same article subject matter for inclusion on our client’s website; building up a long-term archive of interesting and engaging blog articles which improve the overall authority of our clients’ sites. These individual blog posts can also rank in their own right, driving relevant traffic and enquiries/sales into the main website. If you would like blog posts writing for your own website on a regular and scheduled basis, or if you would like us to write articles for guest blogging, please contact us and one of our team will talk through your requirements.    

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    Database of Blog Sites

    At Piranha we currently have a live, verified, and active database of approximately 3,000 independent news sites, blog sites, and articles sites that will accept our guest blog articles (providing of course that they are professionally written, unique, cover the correct subject matter and are the right length).

    Included in our database are some top-level research findings including the site’s domain authority, its page authority, spam score, traffic, and target audience/content.

    For many of the sites, we have also researched the number of links we can embed successfully into the article and whether these will be ‘follow’ or ‘no follow’ link. This information is vital when we are creating our target list of sites, as we need to create a natural and relevant link profile of sites with a good spread across the higher domain authorities. These sites are regularly checked for relevance, and we can post articles individually or in groups or packages. If you would like more information about our blog posting services and the types and sectors of sites currently in our up-to-date database, please get in touch and one of our team will be happy to help.

    Media Networks

    Part of the skill in delivering a high quality, high value blog posting service is identifying 3rd party sites that will add value to our clients’ campaigns. This includes identifying the site owners, researching the content posted to the site, understanding the editorial requirements of the site owners, and the audience, as well as technical aspects such as the site’s domain authority, link profile, page authority and spam score.

    Domain Authority, Page Authority and Spam Score Research

    Our aim is to build high quality links to your site (or specified inner pages) from trusted 3rd party independent news and blog article sites. To make sure that this strategy delivers the desired results, we have a number of tools at our disposal that we use to filter out the good from the bad. Firstly, domain authority. Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score out of 100 developed by Moz. This score has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines and therefore we look to target higher domain authority sites. All our sites on our database have been researched and assigned the current domain authority score so we can pick and choose the sites we want to host our articles.

    Page authority is a similar score out of 100 but refers to the authority of a specific page rather than the top-level domain. Page authorities are typically lower values than domain authority. The page authority helps us determine what ongoing work may be required to improve the page authority and link profile into the page that is hosting our blog post, and how quickly the page is likely to get indexed.

    Finally, there is the Spam Score. The Spam Score, which is part of our research, is a rating system, again created by Moz in 2015, that predicts the likelihood of subdomain spam on a website. It has been developed using 17 spam ‘flags’, and each flag correlates to a specific spam indicator as identified and documented by Moz’s internal development team.

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    Deep Linking Opportunities

    In addition to working with sites that will accept our content and themselves have a good online reputation, another criterion that we look at when submitting blog posts is the opportunity to create deep linking campaigns. Deep linking is another SEO strategy we employ as standard here at Piranha, where hyperlinks are embedded in our articles and link to a particular web page with specific content which is matched to our keywords. We aim to map our URL structure to the page title, the page content, the meta information, the keywords and finally the hyperlink from our article. This all forms part of our strategy to improve page rank of target / landing pages which themselves are designed to target specific keywords relating to a service, product category or individual product. Deep link building compliments other forms of link building that we carry out which generally target the home page with the supporting strategy to increase the overall domain authority and importance of the home page.

    If you have a selection of keywords you want to rank higher or are not ranking as high as you believe they should be on Google and Bing, then maybe our deep backlink strategy might be the solution. Get in touch if you would like to find out more.

    UK Media Sites (for B2B Blogging)

    Many blog sites are based on the b2c market, although the value of the link is not diminished for b2b clients; there is still an opportunity for targeted b2b content. We carefully tailor our industrial clients’ blog posts, so they still sit comfortably on consumer sites and our partners are happy to post and host our content. We have long standing relationships with many of the UK business media publications and website owners and in some instances have exclusive paid blogging agreements where our articles are hosted on these b2b trade websites with follow links through to our clients’ sites. These sites can be targeted by industry sectors such as food manufacturing, aerospace, facilities management, digital, technology and so on.

    Guest Blogging Reporting

    Each month you will receive an in-depth report from Piranha Digital showing the progress of the Guest Blog Posting campaign. This will include a report showing the number of backlinks obtained, the domain authority of the back links obtained, the split of page authorities and the breakdown between follow and no follow links. You will also be provided with confirmation of your own site’s domain authority and how the link building has influenced this. We also provide monthly ranking reports so you can see the effect of deep linking on the performance of deeper keywords and pages. Through Google Analytics, all this information can be assigned to traffic statistics, including the amount of traffic generated from the blogs and the landing pages. Further reporting options will enable you to see which articles have been ‘picked-up’ by the search engines with links to the actual article.

    More About Ranking & Performance Reports

    Why Choose Piranha as Your Guest Blog Posting Partner?

    • Piranha first started delivering fully integrated digital marketing projects in 2001
    • We have an unrivalled level of expertise in delivering results-driven digital and content marketing campaigns for our clients across most industry sectors, both consumer and industrial
    • We have our own database of news and blog sites
    • We have one of the largest databases of available blog sites anywhere
    • We are skilled blog writers and posters
    • We have a strong history of traditional PR success which has enabled us to migrate this content marketing skillset to the latest blogging techniques
    • We specialise in both consumer and business to business marketing with a complimentary mix of clients in both camps
    • We have a strong portfolio of successful blog posting projects and case studies across most industry sectors for companies large and small, local, and international that we are happy to share with you
    • In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of your campaign is provided as standard

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