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    Google Ads (AdWords)

    Google Ads (AdWords as it was previously known) was launched on the 23rd October 2000 with just 350 advertisers using the platform. At first, advertisers would pay for their advertising on a traditional model of paying monthly, but it was not until a major overhaul in February 2002 that the PPC (pay per click) feature was introduced. PPC was a revolutionary concept in the adverting industry competing with the traditional display/impressions/views pricing structure that most, if not all previous media owners and media channels had adopted (including initially Google themselves!)

    Further notable landmarks in the evolution of Google Ads (AdWords) have included:

    • Google Analytics is launched (Nov 2005)
    • Google Checkout announced (June 2006)
    • Google brings in the first video adverts displayed on YouTube (Aug 2007)
    • Remarketing comes to the Google Display Network (May 2010)
    • Google Shopping takes the place of Google Product Search, and transitions from an organic to a paid business model (June 2012)
    • Keyword Planner launches, replacing the retired Keyword Tool in AdWords (May 2013)
    • Native Gmail Ads launched (Sept 2015)
    • Google eliminates PPC ads from the right-hand side of the SERP, toward a ‘mobile-first’ approach to AdWords (Feb 2016)
    • Google AdWords becomes Google Ads (June 2018)

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    Google Ads Management Services

    Having your Google Ads (AdWords) campaign managed by a specialist digital agency such as Piranha is a wise move. At first it might seem like an additional cost on top of your digital marketing budget, but when you get down to understanding exactly how platforms such as Google generate their income through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platforms such as Google Ads (AdWords) then you soon realise its not a level playing field where all competing companies are paying the same for their advertising. It is a complex algorithm based on knowledge, risk, budget, click through rates, quality, conversions and so on, which results in remarkably similar companies, with very similar offerings, paying substantially different amounts to generate a sale or a lead.

    By using Piranha to manage your Google Ads campaigns, not only will you save the time to set up and manage the campaign, but our case studies will show that our existing clients save more than our management fee on their AdWords Spend whilst getting better results than when the campaign was managed in-house, or by a digital agency charging on a percentage of spend business model.

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    Why Choose Piranha Digital as your Google Ads Management Company?

    Piranha started trading in 2001 (just 9 months after Google AdWords was launched) and AdWords Management was one of the first services structured, developed, and delivered to our growing Lancashire client base.

    Since this date, Piranha has been at the forefront of understanding the complexities of Google Ads and providing exceptional results for our clients both in the b2b and b2c sectors. We have a large in-house team of qualified Google Ads experts who work closely with the broader digital marketing team to provide co-ordinated and integrated campaigns across multiple platforms.

    Google Ads Management Examples From Piranha
    We have been providing fully managed Google Ads services here at Piranha since the company was launched in 2001, so as you can imagine, we have plenty of outstanding case studies showcasing the work we have done, the results we have achieved and the difference we have made to our clients’ business. Clearly the finer details of the campaigns are confidential and we can’t explain the in-depth structure of what we did and how we did it, as we know our client’s competitors would love to know how we manage to steal a march every time there is a change or update to the Google Ads platform. However, click the link below to view a simple overview of a recent Google Ads campaign managed by Piranha which will give you an understanding of what to expect when working with Piranha.

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    • Piranha first started delivering Google Ads management services in 2001.
    • We have an unrivalled level of expertise in delivering results driven campaigns for our clients.
    • Our management fees are extremely competitively priced.
    • Our Google Management team consists of highly qualified and Google Accredited professionals who live and breathe digital advertising.
    • We specialise in both consumer and trade AdWords campaigns.
    • You will be assigned both a Google Ads account manager and a Google Ads professional who will be working on your PPC Campaign.
    • Piranha has an in-house creative team and website development team so we can design, test, and build different landing pages to improve ROI from Google Ad campaigns.
    • Strong management team overseeing all Google Ads (AdWords) projects.
    • A strong portfolio of successful projects and case studies across most industry sectors.
    • In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of campaigns running.

    Google Ads Management Services

    What you get from Piranha

    As well as promising the usual benefits and results, we actually go one step further here at Piranha and provide tangible promises and processes that we have developed to make our Google Ads Management service better than any other Lancashire agency. These include:


    Low-Cost Fixed Management Fee

    At Piranha we don’t charge on a percentage of spend – this is the wrong motivation. Why should we get paid more for blowing more of your money? Many agencies charge this way which ends up with Google and your agency working together to get you to spend more. This is wrong. Therefore, we charge a small, fixed monthly management fee so we are motivated by results, not spend.

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    Billing Direct from Google to you

    Transparency is extremely important to us at Piranha, therefore when we manage your Google Ads campaign, we will set up the billing to come direct from Google to you. No hidden costs, no mark-ups, no commission. Just clear and simple billing based on the budgets we have set and agreed together.

    Monthly Reporting

    No, we don’t mean giving you a login to your Google Ads account expecting you to decipher it, draw conclusions and plan a strategy. What we mean is each month you will get a personally created report on the performance of your campaign, presented in a way you will understand. Your account manager will discuss what elements you want in your report, such as cost per sale, cost per lead etc. This is far more in-depth than the standard Google reporting which does not go much beyond cost per click or click through rates.

    Access to your Results through our Online Hub

    In additional to the monthly reports, our Google Ads management clients are set up and have access to our reporting hub so results and reports can be viewed 24/7.

    Regular Meetings

    Regular meetings are held to discuss the ongoing strategy, to review results and to plan for the next month. Unlike other agencies who often subcontract the work to offshore providers, at piranha you will always receive the personal contact.

    Support from Other Departments

    Piranha is a full-service digital agency, so as well as your Google Ads campaign, you can receive marketing support from our other departments and have fully integrated campaigns utilising multiple channels.

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    Benefits of Google Ads & A Managed Service from Piranha

    • Google is the market leader with 91% share
    • All budgets and costs are pre-set so no surprises
    • You only pay for clicks, so working out ROI is made easy
    • Media costs direct to you from Google when managed by Piranha
    • No mark-up of budget
    • Simple, low cost monthly management fee
    • Transparent reporting
    • Fully managed service
    • B2B and B2C experts in-house
    • Google qualified team
    • In-house design and development team to support campaigns
    • Better value, better results, lower cost than managing yourself
    • The region’s leading full-service digital agency


    “Excellent agency who have built a number of websites and managed the digital activity for my company. I would recommend Piranha to any company looking to improve their online presence through a new website, PPC and SEO!”

    Andy Warburton, Marketing Manager - Benchmaster

    Google Ads - our Conclusion at Piranha Digital

    There is no denying the power of Google and whatever your opinions might be, it’s an absolutely superb business model benefiting both Google (huge revenues) and the Client (only paying for a targeted site visitor). The growth in digital shows little sign of slowing, Google has about 91% share of the UK search market and whilst competitors such as Bing can offer good ROI, the market share shows no sign of significant change. There is also one more subtle change that has crept in more and more and that is Google giving more visible prominence to advertisers and shifting down organic results to increase the traffic through Google Ads and reduce the traffic share through organic listings.  If you take all this into account, then Google Ads must be the first budget allocated out of your digital marketing pot.

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