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    Digital Marketing Strategies from Piranha

    The process of working out how to get to where you want to be is straight forward when you can establish where you are, what obstacles lie in the way, and where you want to go. Creating a marketing strategy is the same process and something we develop at Piranha to help us achieve our overall business goals for our clients. By creating and working to a structured marketing plan, our strategy becomes clear and achievable, with steps along the way to monitor progress and to allow for alterations or improvements.

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    Our Steps to Marketing Success

    Set Your Marketing Goals

    Set realistic and measurable goals to achieve over a fixed period of time. A goal is only achievable if it is realistic and has a realistic time frame. An unrealistic goal simply becomes a dream and a goal without timeframes quickly loses focus and will never be achieved.

    Your marketing goals are different to the overall business goals and can include numerous KPI’s, for example to increase website traffic by 35% over 3 years, to increase the average basket spend by 25%, or to increase the average lifespan of a customer from 11 to 14 months. All these goals combined will be the cornerstone of your strategy.

    Conduct a Marketing Audit

    A marketing audit is a review of all marketing activities that your organisation has delivered over the previous 12 months, 2 or 5 years. Before creating a new strategy, we need to understand what has been deployed in the past. If £1,000 pcm spend on google Ads has resulted in sales of £23,000 pcm, then if our goals are to increase this channel’s revenue to £30,000 pcm then it is easier to set budgets knowing past results (for reference, £1,300pcm spend should do it!).

    Conduct Market Research

    The purpose of market research is to draw a realistic picture of your market, your business and how it compares to your competitors. With this research, you can make accurate projections about future growth and may even bring to light some marketing problem areas in your business as well as tactics you can implement right away to resolve them. Next, you need to analyse the information you collect and summarise it into meaningful findings that will be the foundation for determining which marketing strategies to utilise.

    Identify a Target Audience

    With the results of your primary and secondary market research you should be able to identify your various target audiences. In a digital world you may find you have a broader reach of audiences than you first anticipated. These could be geographical audiences, social or economical differences or simply different business sectors for b2B marketing.

    Set a Budget

    In broad terms, the more budget you have available, the more marketing you can do and the more people you can reach more frequently. Without a budget you cannot create a marketing strategy as there is little that can be done that does not require an external cost, whether that’s data, ad spend, printing and so on. You have a couple of realistic options for setting a budget. You can base it on historical revenue and look what the business can afford, for example, allocating 2% of turnover towards the marketing budget, or if you want to be more optimistic, look at your growth goals and base it on a percentage of your target revenue which is likely to be higher.

    Develop the Marketing Strategies

    With your budget hopefully in place, Piranha will help you define specific marketing strategies across all elements of the marketing mix that will help you reach your goals, communicate with your target audience, and build your business. The tactics we will use will be determined by your budget, your goals, and what internal resources you might have to help support our marketing efforts.

    Implementation of the Tactics

    Now we have reached the nuts and bolts of the strategy – implementing the tactics that we have outlined that will help us reach our marketing goals, within our timeframe and within our allocated marketing budget. This is where our true worth becomes clear. Our ability to deliver tactics that work. This could be anything, it could be organic search engine optimisation designed to drive organic sales enquiries, direct marketing targeting Finance Directors of manufacturing companies through e-mail marketing, direct mail and follow up telemarketing, or a PR strategy aimed at building confidence and awareness. The options, variations and mix are almost limitless – only luckily, we have already set our goals, strategy, and budget so we have our parameters.


    Evaluation is how we learn, how we test, how we improve and how we can justify the actions we have taken. Ongoing evaluation is a process of refinement, learning to increase effectiveness and improve the return on investment. Throughout our work we will set individual Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) that we monitor to identify the smallest of gains at every opportunity. This process of evaluation is fed back into the research to help influence changes to the strategy and tactics for each subsequent year of activity.

    How can Piranha Help with Your Marketing Strategy?

    We have marketing professionals at Piranha who will work with you on creating the marketing strategy for your business. This expertise comes from over 20 years of experience delivering strategies for clients and through academic marketing education and completion of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma and the completion of many specialist marketing courses.

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    “Excellent agency who have built a number of websites and managed the digital activity for my company. I would recommend Piranha to any company looking to improve their online presence through a new website, PPC and SEO!”

    Andy Warburton, Marketing Manager - Benchmaster

    Why Choose Piranha as Your Marketing Strategy Partner

    Established in 2001, we have been creating and delivering marketing campaigns and strategies for our clients with enviable success.  We know what works, what does not and can provide accurate estimates in advance of the campaign for you so you can plan the level of sales and enquires to expect. We have vast experience of both b2b and b2c strategies and deliver the campaigns in-house.

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    • Piranha first started delivering strategic marketing services in 2001.
    • We have an unrivalled level of expertise in delivering results driven campaigns for our clients across many sectors.
    • Our fees are extremely competitively priced and are quoted as a fixed fee, not a percentage of spend.
    • We specialise in both consumer and business to business strategic campaigns.
    • Piranha has a strong portfolio of successful projects and case studies across most industry sectors to showcase the work and results.
    • In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of campaigns running is available to all clients.

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