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    Literature Design by Piranha Digital

    Literature is your silent salesperson working when you are not, communicating your messages, identity, culture, and quality as well as promoting your company’s products and services. Literature influences potential customers to make an informed choice during their purchasing process. The look of your literature has a direct influence on the perceived price, value, and quality of your business, its products and services and will influence what the customer will expect from you.

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    Why is Literature Design so Important?

    Sales literature and the perceived quality of the services and products plays an important role in shaping and influencing the purchasing decisions of customers and potential clients; never more so than when buying high value products and services. The quality of the photography, the stock it is printed on, the level of technical information and how it is presented, along with tone of voice, can make the difference between a sale or sales enquiry and the client going to a competitor through lack of confidence.

    How we Design Printed Material that Creates an Impact
    When designing new sales literature, it is important the brochure or leaflet is designed perfectly for the audience, with clear marketing objectives and a plan of what information is to be included, and what information to leave out. At Piranha, we have a design plan we follow that ensures the final literature is designed to fulfil the sales objectives, marketing requirements and creative brief.


    Our Process

    Clarify the Purpose of the Literature

    Our initial thoughts need to be with why the literature is required, who it is targeted at, how it will be distributed to the end user, and how many will we need producing and printing. We also need to consider what the call to action will be and when the project needs to be delivered.

    Defining the Content

    The first production process is to establish the content of the literature. What content do we want to include and how much space do we intend to allocate to each section within the catalogue or brochure. It is important to remember that the reader of the literature will view the content as spreads and not just as pages, and the print process means we will need to produce it in sections of at least 4 pages at a time, so we plan based on spreads and the printing process, as well as individual pages.

    Create Relevant Content

    At Piranha Digital, our in-house copywriters will take a short brief and turn this into engaging and accurate written content for your brochure. Our designers will plan and take any product or site photography, create illustrations or infographics and source any appropriate stock imagery from the libraries we use to support any content provided.

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    Design the Literature

    Now we have clarified the objectives of the literature, we have created the structure and the content, our design team starts to work on creating design visuals and styles for the outside cover and inner pages. These design concepts are presented to our clients for consideration and approval in both digital and printed formats.

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    Production of Final Artwork

    Following the approval of the initial designs, we create the final print-ready artwork to the printer’s specification – ensuring all fonts, Pantone colours, and image resolutions are all optimised for the chosen print production process, whether this is traditional process print or digital.


    Literature Production

    We manage the entire literature and brochure production process for you, including specifying the right paper stock, specifying any extras such as special print colours, matt or gloss lamination, UV varnish, and the type of binding and finishing. We can provide mock-up samples prior to printing so you can approve the weight, feel and finish of your brochure or leaflet before we go to press.


    All literature can be packed to suite you, typically it is boxed in A4 cartons but can be shrink wrapped in smaller quantities if required. We can arrange delivery anywhere in the UK for you or overseas if you prefer, including slip or delayed deliveries and can even store them until you require smaller quantities.

    Our Work

    Design Examples from Piranha

    We’ve been providing design services here at Piranha since 2001. We have many creative case studies showcasing the design and production work we have done; the results we have achieved for our clients and the difference we have made to their businesses. Click the links to see some examples of recent design projects delivered by us which will give you an insight into what to expect when working with Piranha Digital on your next creative project.

    Choose Piranha as Your Creative Design Partner

    We have been designing and producing literature in all its formats since 2001, in every size and quantity.

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    • Full in-house experienced creative team
    • In-house copywriters to help you create the content.
    • In-house illustrators to support the design team.
    • In-house photography capabilities including all our own photographic/studio equipment and access to limitless stock images.
    • In-house print broking team guaranteeing the best quality and best trade print prices on every job.
    • We specialise in both consumer and trade literature design and direct mail.
    • Strong management team overseeing all design projects to ensure deadlines are met and the quality is of the highest standards.
    • An impressive portfolio of successful literature design projects and case studies across many industry sectors showcases our design and creative capabilities.
    • We provide a one-stop solution from initial creative concept to the delivery of your sales and promotional literature.

    Literature Design - Our Conclusion

    Literature will be your shop window, your silent salesperson and with fewer companies investing in literature as a marketing tool, there is plenty of space for your literature to be noticed by your customers. Clients now tell us they like receiving brochures, whereas in the past, perhaps they were annoyed with the volume of literature they received through the post. Perhaps now is the best time in the last decade to invest in a new brochure or leaflet and see what leads or new business it can generate.

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    Now is the time to start your literature design project with Piranha. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing your return on investment.

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