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More Powerful than Digital!

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    Direct Mail - Fighting Back!

    According to information gathered by Royal Mail, more than 92% of direct mail is opened, and 48% of UK adults acted after receiving direct mail: Out of that “Acted” figure, 14.2 million people purchased something, 10.5 million people used a voucher or redeemed a coupon, nearly 3million people tried a new product or service and 3 million people followed up the direct mail by enquiring by phone.

    More Powerful than Digital
    Digital marketing has its place, and the use of digital continues to grow, however, as customers face email fatigue and the novelty wears off banner advertising, direct mail is outperforming digital. Direct mail delivers an average £3.22 return on investment compared with online’s £3.12 for every £1 spent. Whilst this difference is not huge, it’s more about the fact that these sales are ‘extra sales’ that your competitors only using digital forms of marketing are not touching and don’t forget the digitally disenfranchised. According to TGI 58% of those over 65 and 46.6% of those in socio-economic group E have not used the internet in the past year – for many products and services, this is a huge audience waiting to be tapped into.

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    Direct Mail Improves Mail Order

    According to the latest research, almost 18million people ordered from mail order catalogues or their associated websites in the past 12 months; 43% completed the purchase online, 30% by post and 25% by telephone. 90% of consumers read catalogues sent to them through the post, 70% go online after receiving catalogues – this can sometimes get lost in the stats and become attributed to an online conversion. If you need some help with your direct mail planning, you can contact us and discuss your requirements with our team of direct mail experts.

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    How Piranha Can Help You

    Customer Profiling

    For B2B Direct mail, we will look at your current customer database to establish the types of companies that are proving to be the most prolific and profitable. We will look at geographical spread; sic code, company size, age of company, number of regional offices or outlets and the individual who is ultimately making the purchasing decision. For consumer profiling, we use MOSAIC to fully understand your customer types which is categorised based on the postcode of each customer.

    Database Building

    Based on the profile of your existing customer database, combined with any new business objectives you may have, we will build you a unique new business database taken from a pool of 1.6 million UK registered companies (GDPR Compliant). This unique database is guaranteed to be accurate at the time of purchase. This will match all the chosen criteria of your most profitable customer groups. For consumer data, we can purchase non-customer details that match your customer’s profile, interests or purchasing habits. Again, we stick stringently to any data legislation relating to the purchase or holding of data relating to direct mail.

    Data Management

    When we have built your database, we will manage this for you. We can contact the targets as frequently and for as long as you wish. We will sort the data to take maximum advantage of the available postal discounts currently available which at the present time is as high as 24%. We will manage ‘gone-a-ways’ and act responsibly on the frequency of mailings in line with best practice and legislation.

    Creative Solutions

    Our creative and experienced in-house direct marketing team can design and produce a wide variety of creative mailer types to suite your marketing objectives, target audience and budget. We have vast experience of direct response; brand building and informative mailings designed both for the business to business as well as consumer markets.

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    Cost Effective Production

    Years of experience in planning and buying print ensures that our customers always get the perfect direct mail piece, printed on the correct material that responds to the official Post Office requirements, on time, and at extremely competitive prices. Print broking is an art and a science based on experience and knowledge of the print industry. Savings are made by our substantial buying power and by ensuring each print job is matched to the most efficient print press available.

    The Perfect Delivery

    We will manage your data, write you the perfect sales letter and print personalised letters to all your target customers on your own stationery. We will mail sort your data to take advantage of postal savings and pack all your mailers ready for distribution We can mail in bulk, in the tens of thousands, or stagger mailings so only 50 go out per week. In short, we can tailor the distribution to feed your sales needs at the rate that suits you. Whether you require a 500,000-consumer mailer to land on a set day, or 20 personalised business mailers to target you top contacts, we can tailor any direct mail campaign to your exact requirements.

    Response Handling & Data Capture

    You may wish to use your own response service on any mailings, or you might want to utilise our first or second-class business reply service. We can receive the response details and capture the data for you, further enhancing your knowledge of your potential customer base.

    Why Choose Piranha as your Direct Mail Marketing Partner

    Piranha started trading in 2001 and we have been designing, producing, and delivering successful direct mail marketing campaigns for our clients ever since. We know what works, what does not and can provide accurate estimates in advance of the campaign for you so you can plan the level of sales and enquires to expect. We have vast experience of both b2b and b2c direct mail. We design the campaigns in-house, manage the data, produce the pieces, and arrange delivery to suit your timeframes.

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    • Piranha first started delivering direct mail services in 2001
    • We have an unrivalled level of expertise in delivering results driven campaigns for our clients
    • Our fees are extremely competitively priced, and our brokering service guarantees you the best print and fulfilment prices
    • We specialise in both consumer and business direct mail campaigns
    • A strong portfolio of successful projects and case studies across most industry sectors
    • In-depth monthly reporting and communications regarding the effectiveness of campaigns running

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