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Coronavirus & Your Website

By piranha

1st April 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has caused widespread disruption to businesses throughout the UK and across the globe. To help businesses to pause their online activities, Google has published guidelines to follow during this turbulent time.

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The Impact of Coronavirus

If you are a business owner, you are sure to have been affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic.

It may be obvious you should close your warehouse, office or factory. But what’s the best action for your website? Do you simply “turn off” your website and reactivate it when the situation stabilises? Or perhaps continue as normal, without making any changes?

Keep reading to learn more about Google’s advice for businesses like yours.

Google’s Advice

The search giant has released helpful guidelines to assist businesses at this difficult time. Here is an overview of the advice available for different types of organisations:

  • It is recommended to keep websites online rather than simply turning them off.
  • You might consider limiting functionality, such as:
    • Disabling baskets and checkout functions.
    • Labelling items as out of stock.
  • You should keep customers up to date on the status of your business. The easiest method of achieving this is to add a new webpage or post regular updates via a news/blog page.
  • It can be beneficial to update your structured data mark-up and ensure cancelled events are identified appropriately.
  • If using it, you should ensure your Merchant Centre feed is up to date with appropriate product availability statuses.

It is vital to keep your business’s website updated and your customers fully informed at this time. Piranha advises taking a measured approach to website management during the lockdown, to minimise its potential impact on your search performance and online visibility.

Piranha Digital

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