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Continued Changes to Google Search Results

By piranha

8th September 2014

With subtle changes to things which we see every day, it can sometimes be difficult to see the transitions.

Popular websites such as Google and Facebook have changed in a wide range of ways throughout their life spans. From complex coding changes which improve functionality through to overhauls of services and aesthetics, these changes rarely cause confusion and are almost always accepted with little attention being paid.

Changes on Google are not noticed by most, with changes happening on a near weekly basis, but in the world of SEO and marketing, one such welcome addition has been recently removed.

The addition of pictures and information about the authors of certain articles – Google authorship – was introduced in 2011 and has been unceremoniously axed. Uptake was slow on this initiative and was often implemented incorrectly, but for those sites which used it properly, the consensus is that it helped increase traffic.

The Google authorship information is now another product which has been consigned to Google’s graveyard. The decision to remove authorship is undoubtedly because of the small number of people and sites which actually implemented it and although it was seen by those in the SEO community as having value, from a searchers perspective, this was not the case.

Google continue to work on improving their search engine results pages to give users the best results. If something is seen as excellent by a few people, but not of interest to the majority, then Google have shown that they can be ruthless in removing products and services. With improvements to search results, search algorithms and various other aspects, don’t expect this change to be the only one.

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