ASA Demand Transparency in Video Blogging

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ASA Demand Transparency in Video Blogging

By piranha

28th November 2014

The Advertising Standards Authority has announced the need for change when it comes to video blogging. They want it to be made clear when people are being paid for promoting a product in their videos.

This comes after Newsround conducted an investigation into the Vlogging world. It found a few instances where people were paid to advertise Oreos biscuits, but there was no mention of it being an advertisement.

The ASA will be cracking down on the companies making these payments, as well as those in the videos, if the correct acknowledgement is not given. They will need to mention somewhere, be it written or verbally, that the featured product is being advertised.

Lynsay Taff, who is the Director of Communications at the ASA, has said that ‘Vloggers often have huge followings built on authenticity, built on them providing interesting, funny, natural content. We think that it is only fair that when they start promoting stuff on behalf of a brand – which is absolutely fine for them to do – that they do so in a way that’s clear and upfront with their audience.’

The BBC spoke to Chaz Samuel, who is a Vblogger with more than 45,000 Youtube followers. She has been told by companies in the past ‘not to make it obvious’ when promoting products.

‘It hasn’t been very clear at all. Everybody’s tried to do what they think is right but it’s nice to have something more solid – some guidelines so we can do what’s actually right.’

Audiences deserve to know exactly what it is they are watching, so hopefully in the coming months we will be made fully aware of which videos contain this.

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