Cheryl Cole : The Most Dangerous Internet Celeb?

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Cheryl Cole, most dangerous internet celebrity?

By piranha

7th October 2014

If you have ever been caught out by internet viruses or spam, you’ll know just how easy it is to click on the wrong thing. And it is not always easy to tell which content is riddled with malware and which is completely safe.

McAfee, a leading computer protection company, has named Cheryl Cole as ‘the most dangerous celebrity, when it comes to hidden viruses. With 15% of the content which contains her name being infected, it seems spies are using her success as a means of spreading the computer bugs.

This study has been going on for over seven years and McAfee have since posted the results in a table of most infected celebs, so to speak.

Many users are being hooked by the promise of a picture or video of their favourite celebrity, when in fact, it contains no such thing. Artist and song related titles were found to have the most cases of infection, which many catching many internet users out.

Cheryl is closely followed by Harry Potter Star, Daniel Radcliffe, in the table of the most virus related names. It seems that the stars are becoming easy targets through no fault of their own. Unfortunately, the hackers are seeing an opportunity to trick large numbers of users, and are jumping at the chance to do so.

The virus protection software company has released tips and advice on how to avoid these types of attacks. They say that users need to be aware of downloads, especially those advertised as free, to try to stick to approved websites and remember that you should never give personal details to anyone asking for them via text or email.

The table of the highest related spam artists is listed below:

1. Cheryl Cole
2. Daniel Radcliffe
3. Jessie J
4. David Beckham
5. Alesha Dixon
6. Ellie Goulding
7. Pixie Lott
8. Harry Styles
9. Lily Allen
10. Rita Ora

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