Beware the Pitfalls of Mobile Phone Advertising

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Beware the Pitfalls of Mobile Phone Advertising

By piranha

3rd February 2012

A recent survey of over 2000 members of the British Public has revealed that for almost 65% of us, the mobile phone is the most unpopular device on which to receive uninvited advertising.

Of the 2,054 people who completed the survey, the average person is registered to receive correspondence from around three or four of their preferred brands. Those in the 18yr – 24yr age range felt that receiving one marketing message a week was acceptable, however, the overall average felt that more than one message a month was deemed as too much. More importantly, over one in for of us (27%) would cease using a service or product if bombarded with too much advertising.

Almost 50% of those who took part concluded that they preferred to receive advertising relating to social habits such as the football team they follow or the hobbies they pursue rather than from personal data (family, relationships etc). Results also concluded that we are more receptive to receiving advertising via our laptops or PC’s.

This research has been hi-lighted this week following the revelation that a leading US supermarket chain sent baby coupons to an underage pregnant girl based on the data collated from her purchases, prior to her father discovering she was expecting.

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