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Auto-play videos launched on Facebook

By piranha

19th December 2013

Facebook is to begin showing video advertisements on its news feeds, starting with adverts for the film Divergent.

Some analysts believe that the introduction of the video advertisements will alienate users. An analyst with the research firm IDC, Alys Woodward, said “It sounds as if they are doing it in a reasonably sensitive way but if they get this stuff wrong people may stop being active and posting new content,”

Alys went on to say “the question is do they have rich enough analytics to target ads correctly? It isn’t just about an ad for a film. I care about being sent the correct movie so try to sell me the right thing,”

Facebook users have expressed concern that these advertisements would use up all of their mobile data allowances. However, Facebook were keen to point out that the advertisements will only be downloaded when a device is connected to wi-fi and although the films will automatically appear in some news feeds, the sound will only be activated if a user chooses to click on it.

“This content will not consume data plans, even if you’re not connected to wi-fi at the time of playback” Facebook said. They also added that should a user not want to watch the adverts, they could “simply scroll past and the video will stop playing”.

A recent report has speculated that by the year 2020, these advertisements could bring in up to $6.5bn (£4bn).

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