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Are Facebook Ads Worth It?

By piranha

17th August 2023

In the dynamic world of online marketing, businesses are always seeking cost-effective and high ROI methods to get their products or services in front of potential customers. With its colossal user base, Facebook presents a golden opportunity for this. But is spending on Facebook Ads truly beneficial for businesses? The short answer is a resounding yes. With advanced targeting options, diverse ad formats, and an expansive audience, Facebook Ads can provide businesses with exceptional reach and engagement.

Why Facebook Ads

Investing in Facebook Ads is not just about reaching people; it’s about reaching the right people in the right way. And that makes all the difference. So, why Facebook Ads, you ask?

  1. Immense User Base: Facebook boasts over 2.8 billion monthly active users. This staggering number means that whatever your business niche, a significant chunk of your target audience is likely to be on Facebook.
  2. Precision Targeting: It’s not about casting the widest net, but rather the right one – Facebook knows a lot about its users. From their favourite movies and shopping habits to life events like engagements or new jobs. This invaluable data allows advertisers to pinpoint their ads to the right audience segment, ensuring better engagement and higher conversions.
  3. Remarketing Opportunities: Have you ever browsed for a product and then seen it pop up in your Facebook feed? That’s Facebook’s powerful remarketing at work. By targeting users who’ve previously engaged with your website or app, you can keep your brand at the top of their minds and encourage them to complete their purchases.
  4. Diverse Ad Objectives: Whether you aim to increase website traffic, drive sales, boost app installs, or simply raise brand awareness, Facebook’s diverse range of ad objectives ensures your campaign aligns perfectly with your business goals.
  5. Trackable ROI: With Facebook’s comprehensive Ads Manager, businesses can track every penny spent. From seeing how many people viewed the ad to the number of conversions it led to, this transparency ensures campaigns can be constantly optimised for the best results.
  6. Versatile Budgeting: Whether you’re a fledgeling start-up or a large corporation, Facebook Ads allow you to set daily or lifetime budgets, making sure you never spend more than you’re comfortable with. Plus, with options like cost-per-click (CPC), you only pay when someone interacts with your ad, meaning no wasted budget.
  7. Engaging Formats: Beyond traditional image ads, Facebook offers formats like carousel ads (to showcase multiple products) or canvas ads (full-screen, immersive mobile ads). These engaging formats mean your ad isn’t just seen, but remembered.

Google Ads vs Facebook Ads

Understanding the difference between the two titans of online advertising – Google Ads and Facebook Ads – is pivotal for businesses deciding where to invest. Many businesses tend to just go down the route of Google Ads, without understanding Facebook Ads and why doing both might benefit them. Let’s break down the unique attributes of Google Ads vs Facebook Ads:

Targeting Capabilities:

    • Google Ads function primarily on intent. When someone searches for a keyword, ads related to that keyword will appear. This approach is reactive, reaching out to users when they’re already looking for something specific.
    • Facebook Ads, on the other hand, allow businesses to proactively target potential customers based on their demographics, behaviours, interests, and even their past interactions with your brands

Ad Format Versatility:

  • Google Ads mainly offers text-based ads with some display and video ad options in its network.
  • Facebook Ads provide a variety of ad formats, including carousel, video, single picture and more, allowing businesses to craft visually engaging ads.


  • Whilst Google Ads can sometimes be more expensive due to high competition for certain keywords, they can offer a higher intent audience.
  • Facebook Ads often boast lower cost-per-click rates and provide a more expansive reach due to its vast user base.

Position in the Buyer’s Journey:

  • Google Ads typically cater to users in the consideration or purchase stages of the buyer’s journey since they’re actively searching.
  • Facebook Ads can nurture potential customers from awareness all the way to conversion, given the platform’s engagement-oriented nature.

In essence, whilst Google Ads leverage the power of intent, Facebook Ads harness the power of interruption and targeting. The choice between the two often comes down to your specific business goals, target audience, and budget. However, for many, the versatility of Facebook Ads makes it an invaluable tool in their marketing arsenal.

The Piranha Digital Edge

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