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    Outdoor Media Advertising Solutions from Piranha Digital - Billboards

    Billboards are available in a variety of formats in the UK, both traditional print and digital screens. They are mainly broken down into static billboards which can be used by the side of the road for example, and mobile billboards, which are often in the form of trailers and digital billboards and provide the opportunity for animated or video advertisements.

    Within each of these sub-categories, there are many individual options available, such as 48 sheet poster sites, bus shelter poster boards or internal sites in shopping centres.

    Billboards can come in almost any shape and size, can be printed graphically, or managed digitally, and they can be rented for varying amounts of time. The usual booking period for larger billboard sites is by the fortnight/2-week package although some are available for shorter periods depending on availability. One thing to keep in mind is that primary billboard/48 sheet poster sites can book up many months in advance, sometimes a year in advance with companies often block booking a high value site for a year. 48 sheet poster sites are also extremely popular with political parties, government departments and for public health messages so try and avoid planning a campaign around a general election or the Christmas period unless it is necessary.

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    Transport Advertising

    Taxis, Buses, Airplane & Train Advertising
    Transport advertising provides a great deal of flexibility when it comes to advertising. It can be booked for short periods and specific depots and transport routes can be chosen to tailor your advertising to an extremely specific audience. Just as with billboard advertising, within transport advertising there are almost countless media opportunities and ‘poster’ sizes available ranging from T-Shape bus sides to small in-taxi promotions. It is worth remembering that even when choosing a form of transportation to advertise on, you have several different audiences available to you. For example, bus backs will target drivers and front seat car passengers, so are an excellent way to advertise to working commuters within a city centre. Bus sides generally target city centre shoppers on foot, whilst onboard bus advertising is more likely to target the young, students or older non-drivers.

    Retail Advertising

    The UK has approximately 4,300 shopping centres, all designed around our love of retail. The Trafford Centre in Manchester attracts 35 million visitors a year, so property owners know the value of this as an advertising medium. Compare this to the number of people who watch any one given TV programme, and you can understand why this is such a valuable commodity. Most retail parks, shopping centres and arcades have a portfolio of advertising opportunities ranging from 48 sheet poster sites, internal focal point promotions, right down to washroom adverts or sponsorship opportunities on waste bins. Anywhere a message can be printed, placed, hung, or projected is a valuable piece of real estate that advertisers are willing to pay handsomely for to get to the millions of annual visitors with cash to spend.

    Point Of Sale Advertising

    Point of sale advertising (POS) is a cross over between merchandising and advertising. For a fee, brands can have priority placements in supermarkets supported by price promotions and point of sale adverting. Whilst the larger chains are more controlling over their shelf space, for smaller independent or trade counters it is possible to promote via dump bins, free standing display units (FSDU), ceiling mobiles, (non-slip) floor graphics, window displays, counter displays or even small till wobblers. It is all about being creative and pitching the promotion into the right retail or trade outlet. Providing an independent retailer with a product display unit is often a good way to get noticed, especially where shelf space is limited but floor space is available in abundance. The best example for this is garden centres or leisure outlets where gift providers supply purpose built stands for their products.

    More About POS Services From Piranha

    London Underground Advertising

    Around 150,000 people enter the London Underground tube network every hour. Advertising on the London Underground enables you to target businesspeople, commuters, and tourists as well as a general population who have a higher net-worth and spending power than any other major region in the UK. On the underground, there are just over twenty different types of media products available, each one created to reach a specific audience type and provide solutions for different budget levels.

    Recent research found that 87% of passengers actively look for and welcome the adverts on the tube as a distraction during their commute. Advertising on the London Underground reaches an audience profile which is 74% ABC1 – a higher profile than roadside and higher than the UK average of 58%.

    Why Advertise on the London Underground?

    • It is one of the busiest underground transport networks in the world.
    • 150,000 people per hour enter the network.
    • There are media opportunities to fit many budgets.
    • Tube station advertising allows you to direct your brand towards specific audiences in key business and shopping districts.
    • Research shows commuters welcome advertising as a distraction.
    • Tourists and visitors actively seek out local information.
    • The average audience has a higher disposable income than the national average.
    • Can be used to support different campaigns across other local or national media.

    Airport Advertising

    The audience for airport advertising is expected to double over the next 20 years and is one of the fastest growing out of home advertising opportunities there is. Passengers are generally relaxed, have some spare time to embrace their environment and are comfortable with the idea of advertising within an airport, so they are more accepting of the messages they receive.

    Placing adverts in an airport demonstrates the power and prestige of your brand and allows your brand to present a universal message that can be displayed and received all around the world.

    Airport WiFi Sponsorship
    We can place your advert in front of people logging onto airport WiFi, with over 80 airports around the world that we can plan your campaign around, this is a huge potential audience.

    Baggage Claim Area Ads
    This is one of the areas in the airport that sees the most traffic throughout the day. We can create artwork for several advertising mediums such as suspended fabric banners, framed banners, or poster sites.

    Overhead Banners Throughout the Airport
    High impact, suspended fabric or printed banners strategically placed around the arrivals and departure lounges provide maximum visual impact.

    The Business Network & Club Lounges
    The business traveller and VIP traveller are typically a higher worth potential customer. We can create more discreet campaigns that target these high-net-worth customer groups through the global network of business and club lounges.

    Security Tray Bins
    Airport advertising can be placed in the bottom of the security tray bins, giving you 100% visibility among departing passengers. Afterall, we all look closely in the trays when retrieving our last few coins!

    Large Format Signs
    Large format signs and posters can be placed throughout departure areas, arrivals or at baggage reclaim. The audience is often captured for 30 minutes or more whilst waiting or queuing so this is an ideal opportunity to reinforce your brand message.

    Digital Screen Network
    Digital screens through the airport can show your still, animated, or live action advert at various points across single airports or across a network of over 80 airports globally.

    Outdoor Advertising Design

    Outdoor advertising design is all about maximising impact when the target audience is often pre-occupied doing something else – often driving or getting to work.

    The single biggest mistake companies make when designing for an outdoor advertising campaign is attempting to put too much information onto the advert. The golden rule is an outdoor media advert is only finished when no more words can be removed without losing the message.

    Using a powerful concept or informative image will have greater impact than words and will enable the designer to limit the number of words or reduce the visual noise of the ad. At Piranha we have a great deal of knowledge and experience in producing adverts for outdoor media which uses these principles to keep it simple and provide a clear call to action.

    Our Work

    Outdoor Media Design Examples from Piranha

    Click the links to see several examples of outdoor media campaigns designed and delivered by Piranha. All our outdoor projects are completely different and can range from single site, 48 sheet poster sites strategically placed to promote a forthcoming store opening to a national campaign combining outdoor media with radio, press, door drops and even TV. If you would like to see more examples of the outdoor work we have done, please contact us today for a bespoke presentation.

    Advert Design by Piranha

    Why is the Advert Design so Important?
    A great deal of investment will have gone into planning and booking the media space, but these are fixed costs which do not affect the success of the campaign once the media has been planned correctly. The one element that is totally in your control, and variable, is the effectiveness of the ad design. As with many forms of advertising and promotion, the design element, provided by true creative professionals will be one of the lowest individual costs, especially if the media budget is £50,000 or more but will have the greatest influence on the successful outcome (or not) of the campaign. However, this is often the one element where corners are cut to reduce costs as it is not seen to be as tangible as the actual poster site or bus back advert.

    How we Design Adverts that Create Business
    At Piranha we have a strong, creative, knowledgeable, and dedicated in-house design team who will work closely with you on designing and delivering a creative advertising solution designed to grab attention. Following an initial briefing meeting, the creative team will look to design a range of ad concepts. Our in-house team can also create videos, animations, and graphics to add a little extra to your company or brand presentation for use on digital platforms. All this is supported by our media planning team who will ensure your ads are placed at the right location, at the right time, and at the right cost.

    More About Our Graphic Design Service

    Why Choose Piranha as Your Outdoor Media Advertising Partner

    We have been designing and producing outdoor advertising campaigns for our clients since 2001. This has included major regional campaigns for the NHS, nationwide store openings for one of the UK’s largest discount retailers (B&M) and local transport advertising for the launch of a range of private swimming pools.

    View Our Portfolio

    • Piranha first started designing outdoor advertising campaigns in 2001 and since then we have delivered many projects for local, national, and international clients.
    • We have an experienced in-house design team able to swiftly turn around design concepts into final print-ready or digital-ready artwork.
    • We plan, research and book all the media on your behalf.
    • We specialise in both consumer and trade advertising across all media types.
    • We have a strong portfolio of successful advertising projects and case studies across many industry sectors showcasing our capabilities.
    • We can provide a one-stop solution from initial creative concept, planning the media to the delivery of your campaign, or work with external media contractors at all levels.
    • Our full-service agency can provide support material such as direct mail, e-mail campaigns, literature etc. to support your outdoor marketing activity.

    Outdoor Media - Our Conclusion Here at Piranha

    Outdoor advertising is easy to create, plan and deliver. Most sites are fixed with a clear calendar of availability. The adverts are visible to all passing consumers so the opportunity to create awareness of a local event or product launch to a broad audience is strong. Most other forms of mass advertising such as radio, press, TV, magazines, and digital work by pre-selecting your audience type based on their demographics or what they like, whilst outdoor advertising targets everyone within that location. Entry costs are low and often have no minimum number of sites required and campaigns can be as short as 2 weeks – ideal if you want to promote a local open day, event, or tourist attraction.

    Now is the time to start your outdoor media project with Piranha. Call us today on 01772 888331 for a free consultation and start increasing your return on investment from your advertising.

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